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  1. I remember thinking the same thing a couple of days before it started until I re-read the opening post.
  2. xenel

    Day Five - Production Soars!

    I've jumped up the ladder a bit. I'm far from the top 10 though...
  3. So I've moved my Vega 56 to the old motherboard that I use for folding and it seems to be working fine for folding on it. Now I have my old RX 480 in my gaming rig instead at least for the moment and it seems to be folding fine too where the Vega 56 did not. Although the current estimated PPD for the RX 480 is a lot lower than it was in my folding machine but I'll give it some time to see if that changes. I was already planning on changing the motherboard in my gaming rig to allow for better overclocking in the future so when I have some spare money, that'll happen and hopefully it'll fixing my weird Vega 56 folding problem at the same time.
  4. Yeah, there were bad states. I never overclocked the card in the first place but I switched between the three profiles for the card (Power saver, default and turbo) and they all did the same thing. I set my RAM and CPU to default in case that had something to do with it too but that didn't help either. The last thing I tried, which I've never done with other GPUs before, was update the bios. None of these things made a difference. I might pull apart my folding machine a bit later and see if a different motherboard will make the difference. Just need to get some alcohol to give me the enthusiasm to do so first.
  5. Yeah, I assume as much too. I've just got a weird issue where it keeps returning bad results in a short period of time leading it to doing nothing in the end and eventually just ending up in a fail state. I suspect it might have something to do with my motherboard but I don't have much desire to test that at the moment. I mostly only use it for gaming and when that's all I'm doing it works fine.
  6. I'm doing a bit better then I was expecting. If only my Vega 56 was willing to play nice with folding I'd be a bit higher up the chart.
  7. That's different. I've never experience FAH core crashes with GPUs.
  8. It's a bit unusually for the default -1 setting for CPUs to not use all cores but I guess it isn't perfect. It's probably just a Windows things than. I've been assuming your using Windows anyway. Correct me if I'm wrong. It's good to see it's working the way you expect it to in any case. Curiously, moving away from the CPU folding for a moment, you said your 280x was crashing. Was it a graphics driver crash or was it failing because of bad work units. I was just wondering because I have a issue with my Vega 56 where it keeps having bad work units. I plan on trying the card on a different mobo at some point to see if that has something to do with it but haven't gotten around to it yet.
  9. Setting if to Full usage isn't the same as the changing the CPU priority. The basic option on the web control just change how many active threads work on the work units. You can set it to "Slightly higher" if you open up the Advanced Control by right clicking on the FAH system tray icon, clicking on Configure and changing to the Advance tab. I don't know how much of a difference it'll make but the option is there if you want to give it a try. I tend to use my computers at least a bit so I just leave it at the default "lowest possible" so it doesn't interfere with other applications.
  10. By default FAH defaults to lowest priority for CPU usage so if you're doing other stuff on the computer, FAH will probably free up cycles for those other applications. Windows itself won't help with that problem either.
  11. Depends on what part of Australia you're talking about but for day time temps in Brisbane, that's the high at the moment. It's suppose to get down to 8C tonight.
  12. You won't be doing that here. I've just been hit by a bit of a cold snap with some good winds to go with it that cut right to the bone. You'd be able to refrigerate those eggs though.
  13. Unfortunately, I haven't done any mining in years so I wouldn't know what the best ones are and I've never mined ETH. Ethermine should be fine to mine with. To make sure you get anything at all you'll want to join a pool that successful mines a lot of blocks and ethermine seems to get quite a few. The way shares work is that you only ever get a percentage determined by what you contributed towards the successful mine so going with a pool with less hash rate won't necessarily give you any more. What it gives extra with each success will be evened out by a smaller number of successful mines.
  14. You certainly are mining on ethpool but you're looking at the address stats on ethermine to see the 0.00012 unpaid. Because you're not mining on ethermine, you won't see anything change there. As for ethpool that you are mining on, it has unique rules regarding who gets what. If you want to see a more immediate result then you want to change your settings to mine on ethermine which I believe uses the more traditional shares method. Be aware though that if you do choose to mine with ethermine, you are competing against 42TH/s of compute power provided by 63,000 other people for whatever scraps you can get with your 160MH/s. That's not to say what you've got is bad though.
  15. I second the CPU re-seating idea. After checking all the RAM slots individually of course. In my experience, badly seated CPUs tend to be the biggest problem. Even if the CPU seems like it's fine. Check the pins in the socket at the same time to make sure nothing in bent.