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  1. Source: http://www.kitguru.net/site-news/announcements/zardon/amd-withdraw-kitguru-fury-x-sample-over-negative-content/ I find this to be really disappointing, and I don't think I really need to explain why. The article title pretty much says it all. A few key quotes from the article: Will LTT still be getting an AMD sample? Linus has said a lot of negative things about AMD lately. I also wonder what this could mean about the Fury X. We've seen some leaked benchmarks that have seen it performing well agaist the 980Ti and Titan X, but if AMD are worried about people who have been making negative comments about AMD receiving a card - could it mean it doesn't actually perform that well? I find that hard to believe, but then again I find the article itself hard to believe. UPDATE: eTeknix has published their own article about this, after reaching out for comment from AMD. Source: http://www.eteknix.com/things-go-from-bad-to-worse-for-reviews-of-amd-radeon-fury-x/ This article contains a couple of interesting pieces of information. Firstly, there's this: They then move on to comment on the KitGuru situation, talk about journalistic freedom and so on, and say that while they knew they'd at least not be getting a sample in the first one, it is apparent they probably won't be recieving a Fury X at all. They reached out to Christine Brown (AMD's Senior Manager of EMEA Communications, as mentioned previously) and recieved the following response: They also reachded out to Corporate VP and General Manager of EMEA, Darren Grasby, and got a very similar response: All of this "reducing numbers" is a little worrying for me, it seems like the sign of general cost cutting, which in turn could be the sign of a struggling company.
  2. Thanks for the link @dragosudeki I'll add it to the OP
  3. VMaxMuffin

    Need some new RAM 2x8-2x4 ?

    It should work fine as long as you run it all at the same frequency AFAIK
  4. VMaxMuffin

    29 inch 1440p 21:9 ?

    As far as I know, no 29" 21:9 monitors are 1080p. This is because the height of a 29" 21:9 monitor is about the same as a 23" 16:9 monitor. This means that the pixel density of a 1080p 29" 21:9 monitor would be about the same as your current 1080p 23" 16:9 monitor. Since we don't get 1440p screens in 23" or 24" size, it also makes sense that we don't get 1440p screens in the 29" ultrawide size. Basically, a 29" 1080p ultrawide would still be an upgrade from your current monitor - in terms of more horizontal real estate - however I think you probably would be better served by a 27" 1440p.
  5. Hi everyone, I've been trying to diagnose an issue with my brother's PC - it started randomly crashing in games, and I seem to have made it stop crashing by reseating the graphics card and putting the PC on its side to prevent sagging. The card is an Asus DirectCU II GTX 760, case is a Fractal Design Node 804 and motherboard is a Gigabyte H97M Gaming 3. I can't remember the rest of the specs exactly but it's something like an i5 4590 cooled by an NZXT air cooler, 8GB G.Skill RAM, Corsair RM PSU (550W IIRC), Samsung 840 Evo SSD and WD Blue HDD and a PCIe wifi adapter. Anyway, I can't leave a PC on its side forever so I'm looking for suggestions to prevent the GPU sagging. I'd like to put a backplate on it but I don't want to void warranty - particularly as it's not my PC - and I can't find one for that card anyway.
  6. VMaxMuffin

    Looking for a great overclocker

    Yes true. I just meant that you can't guarantee that a G1 970 will have more headroom than any other 970 or 290. That said, it should have more headroom on average.
  7. VMaxMuffin

    Looking for a great overclocker

    Of course when it comes to overclocking headroom it depends on the "silicon lottery" so there's no way to tell how high you'll get unless you're buying used and the previous seller can tell you. That being said people have been getting very good results with the GTX 970, and because it runs cooler than a 290 you have much more thermal headroom.
  8. I have just recently acquired a K70 RGB and love it, but yes the software is a little confusing. TBH though I didn't want any more than changing the colours of different keys and leaving them that way, and it wasn't that hard to do. Plus I find Razer's software annoying (I used to have a regular Blackwidow).
  9. VMaxMuffin

    gtx 780 or 970?

    I don't know why people are even bringing up the VRAM issues here, even if you considered the 970 to have only 3.5GB of "useful" VRAM, that's still more than a 780... EDIT: Go with the 970 unless the 780 is significantly cheaper, in which case you can decide if you want more performance (970) or to save money (780)
  10. VMaxMuffin

    HDD Switch: Putting Laptop HDD into my new desktop

    What you want to do is certainly possible Firstly, putting the new SSD into the laptop: the easiest thing to do would be to clone the current drive to your new SSD and install it into your laptop, which would not require a reinstall of Windows. Basically, to do this you need to delete/move everything you don't want off the 1TB HDD (so that only the amount of data that will fit on the SSD remains), then clone the drive using software such as EaseUS Todo Backup or other free cloners available. This will require a SATA to USB adapter, which can be bought inexpensively. Alternatively, if you want to start fresh, then you can make a bootable Windows 8.1 USB (you can find out how to do this easily), and install onto the new SSD. Depending on your laptop, the product key may be embedded into the UEFI BIOS, but first I would recommend using a product key finder such as ProduKey to find and record your key. Secondly, putting the Laptop HDD in the desktop: Basically, just put it in, connect it up and reformat it with Disk Management (built into Windows) as NTFS. This will effectively erase the drive (although if you prefer to actually remove the data, then you will want to do a secure erase - ).
  11. Or you could get a Subaru Liberty (Legacy) and stick a turbocharged 3.6L Flat 6 in there, that makes a pretty good sleeper too.
  12. VMaxMuffin

    What's the weather like for you?

    37°C (99°F) in the shade, sunny, literally no clouds, very dry air (so you constantly feel thirsty), just generally uncomfortably hot. Up to 39°C (102°F) tomorrow. I think I'll be staying inside where it's nice and air-conditioned, maybe watch some TV and do some gaming...
  13. Not sure about this but would it help if you got some pc fans set up to blow across the modem? You could try it, it would be the cheapest fix.
  14. Well, I haven't really done a google search while sleeping before, but once I did wake up with basically a random string of characters typed into google... Probably fell asleep while holding phone, phone fell on my face or something...
  15. VMaxMuffin

    What to do when you are at home the whole day?

    Once, when I was really sick, I grabbed a really long HDMI cable I had lying around, moved my monitor to the foot of my bed, plugged my headphones into the monitor's headphone jack and used it to watch movies....
  16. Hi guys, Today I built a computer with my friend, which he has been saving up for. Firstly, I'll explain that the reason we went with a Z87 motherboard with an i3 processor was that it was much cheaper than H97 alternatives, and of course unlike the H97 motherboards it leaves room for an upgrade to an overclockable CPU in the future. Anyway, we updated the motherboard's BIOS to the latest version (2105) using my CPU (i5 4570), then put in his new Haswell Refresh i3 (that should now be compatible, according to Asus) but we were greeted only with a red CPU LED, which points to a CPU error. We reinserted my CPU and it was fine. I see two possibilities: 1. There's some setting that needed to be changed in the BIOS to boot with a different CPU and we didn't see it. 2. The i3 is DOA. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  17. VMaxMuffin

    CPU Error on Asus Z87-A with i3 4160

    It's aliiiive! I used the BIOS Update utility and bios version 2005 (the first that worked with Haswell Refresh) and it's working fine now. Could try updating to 2103 now but I don't really want to risk needing to pull off the heatsink and swap out CPUs again... So I think I'll just leave it. Thanks for all your help guys.
  18. VMaxMuffin

    CPU Error on Asus Z87-A with i3 4160

    So, I managed to find a friend with an H97 motherboard and, funnily, the i3 boots up fine. So I guess I'll try the Asus Utility to do the BIOS in case that does something "extra" to make it work... If anyone has any other ideas please let me know
  19. VMaxMuffin

    CPU Error on Asus Z87-A with i3 4160

    I just updated the BIOS within the BIOS itself, using the EZ Update utility. Is this any different than using the program you refer to? I just thought it was a different way of doing the same thing... Tomorrow when I go back to my friends house I'll try the utility just in case. Couldn't use my own motherboard because that would require having my CPU, which I left with my friend so he could set up windows, install drivers etc...
  20. VMaxMuffin

    CPU Error on Asus Z87-A with i3 4160

    BIOS definitely updated - it says the correct new version on the BIOS home page. I'll try my motherboard as you said.
  21. VMaxMuffin

    High end APU as a regular CPU

    Thanks for your input everyone, I'll stick with the i5.
  22. Hi everyone, I'm just starting to select parts with a friend to build him a new PC. Within his current budget, we might be able to squeeze an i5 and R9 280, possibly a 285 or GTX 960 (depending on other factors and exact costs). However, in about a month he will be getting some more money to spend on further upgrades. I was wondering about starting him off on an APU (one of the A10s probably) and then using that just as a regular quad core CPU with a more powerful GPU (290, 970, possibly 980). Basically I just want to know if there's any significant disadvantage to this - particularly if it were to be a major bottleneck. I'm struggling to find A10 benchmarks against CPUs like the i5 4460 or 4690k when they're both paired with a high end GPU. Thanks for your help.
  23. VMaxMuffin

    Gtx 960 Australia dollar price?

    If by easier to earn you mean higher minimum wage, you are correct. But we also pay more taxes, and the overall cost of living is higher.Edit: Evidence - 6th highest according to the first Google result. http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/rankings_by_country.jsp
  24. VMaxMuffin

    Gtx 960 Australia dollar price?

    Around $250 purely by exchange rate, but I'd say they'll more likely be $300+ judging by the markups on 970s and 980s (like everything here)
  25. VMaxMuffin

    Iphone 6 240fps video editor for PC

    Lightworks maybe? I use it and quite like it, not sure if it supports 240fp or not. http://www.lwks.com/