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  1. creephdGT

    50 fps???

    See, with windowed & borderless windowed, the game caps itself automatically at 60 so it can´t show the full potential of that issue since i normally play at 120-180fps and i think it could be some sort of software issue, since it not only happens to CS:GO but other games aswell, just not as dramatic. It´s fixes itself when i tab back in again even though i always was tabed in that game. If you are still interessted in the usage then here it is and it has less of an impact on gameplay when i only play "X" game. (borderless windowed). EDIT: Also would like to add that i do not have a 80+ psu since its a prebuild Als
  2. creephdGT

    50 fps???

    Well it doesnt only cap itself but also rather stutter and lag in a sence
  3. creephdGT

    50 fps???

    i5 6600, GTX 1070, 8GB Ram. No. No. Yes.
  4. creephdGT

    50 fps???

    So when i play CS:GO i usually get 200-250fps avg. and sometimes, for no reason, it caps itself at 50 fps for 10 sec, at most, and goes back to normal. Any ideas what the problem could be? I´d like to think it has to do something with the PC where it thinks i´d be tabed out of the game because i seem to have the problem on other games aswell. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I´ve done some benchmark tests and it seems that my cpu has gotten slower (30 points less on Cinebench then it was before), checked program manager didn´t find anything, no overclocking, spotify and chrome only when i play games and what kind of changes?
  6. My games seem to have slowed down lately. Most noticeable game is csgo as it doesnt reach the 250fps mark as it used to and sometimes caps at 50 fps for a few seconds and goes back to normal. Never had a game cap it self out for no reason. Any ideas on what it could be?
  7. Now i have a prebuilt PC and so ive been wondering lately about the PSU since its not a "good" PSU and so what would be the most reliable fully-modular 650W PSU on the market?
  8. *hardware-harming* as in virus to slow the PC down and how do i set it up properly?
  9. Let´s say i have a virtual OS... would i be able to test potentally hardware-harming data on the virtulized OS without hurting my main PC?