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  1. Just did a memtest on both sticks. No error was found. I guess it's most likely the CPU 'S problem...
  2. I believe so, because after I rebuilt my pc with the 9900k I reset the bios to default setting and have not touched it ever since. I also read that some people are getting similar freezing problems on stock settings and they had to up the voltage or down-clock to solve the problem. I really regret switching my 8700k now...
  3. Ok, I'll test my 2 ram sticks. But the GPU is staying because the mobo doesn't have any video outputs... Can't believe msi cheap out on this.
  4. Yes, the bios is newest version available.
  5. So I been having this problem for a month now, windows will on freeze at random time. It could freeze at idle and or when I am using chrome to play some flash games. Once it freezes, the only way to unfreeze it is by forced shutdown(holding the power button), because nothing works. I also had the WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR BSOD before but I thought it was because I didn't reinstall window after switching from my 8700k to 9900k. I already reinstall windows and the problem still persist and this don't happen when I am running aida 64 or prime 95 or neither when I am gaming. The only thing I could think of is that I got a defective CPU... But I would like to get some more opinion before doing an RMA. Thanks in advance! My custome water cooled built: i9 9900k - 30C @ idle 60-70C @ load msi meg ace z390 corsair 32 gb ram running at 3000 mhz a m.2 ssd with window 10 fresh install, corsair hx 750 psu msi 2080ti seahawk with ekwb
  6. So I been having issues with my local network sharing with window 10 for a while now, my file transfer speed can sometimes goes from a normal 70-80 MB/s down all the way to 7-10MB/s. The only way to solve it is by resetting the network but it's only temporarily. I have tried to reinstalling windows 10 by fully wiping the drive, reinstalling all the necessary drivers, and swap out the Ethernet cable, but still it happens from time to time... Does anyone have similar experiences with this on window 10? I am running the newest window 10, version 1903. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  7. So I just did a 5ghz overclock on my i7 8086k, using the z390 msi mega ace, at 1.2 volt with mode 3 LLC. I tried to track what's the voltage during load and idle but the programs that I used, adia 64, intel xtu, hwinfo64, msi dragon center, all reported different voltage. Adia and msi reported 1.21 volt. Whereas intel and hwinfo both reported 1.32 volt. Can someone please explain to me why two softwares are reading 1.32 and the other two are reading 1.21?
  8. Wow... That's unfortunate, I wish they include a note indicating that on their webpage.
  9. So recently I got a 8700k, 32gb corsair rams and a msi meg ace z390 for my new built. Everything goes pretty smooth except that I cannot get my motherboard to detect my samsung 850 evo m.2 ssd when mounted at the 3rd slot, the one with msi frozer shield. At first I thought it was a defective board, so I did an RMA with newegg and got a replacement. But again when I tried to mount it in the replacement board's 3rd slot, I got the same problem. My initial thought was that it's a BIOS issue, so I updated my BIOS and tried again, no avail... Could it be that the slot is reserved for NVMe ssd or optane only, since my ssd is sata, that's why it won't work in that slot? Any help would greatly appreciated!