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  1. Personally i wouldnt go for refurbished cards. You wont get your moneys worth. At the moment you can get a RTX 2060 for pretty cheap on the used market, probably even cheaper than any refurbished card.
  2. I got mine at retailer in Germany. I had troubles finding it on the official pages as well as HP doesn't really show you all the available configurations on their main page.
  3. oh yeah. wait wut. am I blind?
  4. your ram is still running far below spec. are you sure you selected the correct xmp profile? It should be running at 3600mhz, not 3000. Yes, they probably used their ram at the fastest speed possible and didnt render the game at a higher resolution.
  5. because of the combination of your ram running at a low frequency, odysseys optimization, your cpu and the 1.4x 1080p. yes
  6. the HP x360 Envy with the ryzen 7 4700U with 16gb of ram works like a charm for me. The build quality is nice, it has a touch display and I got it for less than 900€ with a small discount.
  7. Well... the rtx 2080 ti can indeed run it at 4k 60fps. But you are limited by your cpu... Though I have no idea by how much.
  8. Only HDMI 2.1 actually supports high refresh rates at 4k. But why are you using a HDMI cable in the first place? DisplayPort 1.4a is the way to go imho
  9. I had similar issues a couple years ago. It turned out be an issue with my motherboard. You might want to just hit up gigabyte and ask for a replacement. You could also try running your ram and cpu at slower speeds to see if that changes anything. But if you ask me its not worth it to waste hours/days/weeks on trying to fix a hardware defect by adjusting settings.
  10. You are also running AC odyssey at 1.4x 1080p. You are rendering the game a higher resolution. You probably have the same setting enabled in GTA V
  11. Your ram is running pretty slow. Go into your bios and apply the correct XMP profile.
  12. Hmmm, you may want to run a 3Dmark benchmark and see how your gpu compares
  13. Personally I would wait for zen 3 and NAVI2 to be announced before making any purchasing decisions.
  14. i didnt have the ability to do that on my MSI B350 while my X570 from MSI supports this feature. I wouldn't give advice like that when its only true on certain boards and requires additional knowledge of your board's features and software. I like to just stick to advice that is universally applicable.