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  1. Looks pretty great! Will be interested to see if I'll be able to easily order it outside Japan.
  2. I just saw the Sharp R2 compact announced, looks pretty great! Although the screen is >5inches, it's not all usable due to the notches, which means my thumb can reach the whole thing https://www.gsmarena.com/sharp_aquos_r2_compact-9406.php Compared to my previous phones: https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=9406&idPhone2=8336&idPhone3=6538
  3. God finding @colonel_mortis I did indeed have a full disk at one point (however not any more). It appears that firefox has cached this fact and has no way to reset it Consider this issue solved (unless we could just stop using localStorage..... I'm not entirely sure why I'd even need JS running to post a thread)
  4. Yeah sadly this seems the closest possible yet the screen is 5 inches! The size of the phone doesn't worry me as much, it's the size of the screen that matters for one-handed use: if I can't reach the top and the bottom of the screen without shifting grip then the phone is too big! However to at least try and look for phones with smaller measurements (vs smaller screen) I did do this search on gsm arena for phones with a snapdragon 845 smaller than 150mm high or 75mm wide. Are there any other top-tier cpus?
  5. I did try that: I cleared all data for linuxtechtips.com and tried again before switching to chrome.
  6. Trying to create a new topic in firefox 63.01 isn't working for me. In console I get (e.g.): I have plenty of hard drive space left, and don't have issues with other sites, so I'm not sure what is causing the error.
  7. Hi All, I'm a lover of smaller phones; I find anything over 5 inches *way* too large. Perhaps my hands are small, or maybe have stubby thumbs; perhaps it's because I only use my phone with one hand. But I want a fast high spec phone with a screen under 5 inches. My previous phone was a Sony Z3C which was a good size; my current phone is a Samsung A3 (2017) which is a little on the large side. However 2GB of RAM is not enough these days, 16GB of internal storage doesn't leave much after a 14GB OS; and it looks like it's not getting updates past Android 8.0. So I throw it to everyone else: what is the best current or upcoming sub-5 inch phone I can purchase?