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    Movies, rpg,
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  • CPU
    I7 6850k
  • Motherboard
    Asus strix x99
  • RAM
    Hyperx 4x4go 2400mhz
  • GPU
    Evga 1080ti
  • Case
    Corsair vengeance c70
  • PSU
    Enermax platimax
  • Display(s)
    Predator gsync 2560x1440 140hz
  • Cooling
    Custom watercoooling loop
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  1. D4null

    The Water Cooling Gallery

    Hi ! i7 6850k @ 4.3 all core gtx 1080ti @ 2019ghz hyperX ddr4 2400mhz Asus Strix x99 gaming Samusng 512gb nvme m2 crucial 1to ssd seagate 2.5" sshd 2to Case Corsair vengeance c70 white watercooling part : Ek ddc 3.2 pump reservoir combo 5.25" bay Ek cpu motherboard block x99 front rad push pull : alphacool nexxxos ut60 xflow 120mm bottom rad push pull : alphacool nexxxos ut60 140mm top rad push : alphacool nexxxos st30 280mm fan : bequiet silent wings 3
  2. Hi everyone, so this isn't my original desk because my previous appartement burnt down couple month ago, so this is in a new but smaller appartement that i've found for the moment. I have been lucky enough to save most of my stuff ,thanks god. And this is my gaming rig : i7 6850k @ 4.3ghz 16gig ddr4 2400mhz 512go 950pro nvme 1to crucial ssd 2to sshd 1080ti @2030mhz custom watercooling because i love silence case corsair vengeance c70 white and full rgb for more fps !!! Bye !
  3. started today with my movie/webbrowse pc : He is doing his best...