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  1. mind troulbing you and asking you which rings did you get? or at least which size should i get?
  2. I got the same keyboard but comes in black color, still purple keys, I can tell you the keys are loud, and you hear a spring sound everytime you press a button, I don't have any experience with mechanical keyboards before but this one seems "dry" like a membrane if you know what I mean, maybe its the purple keys. either way, I don't see what the hype of mechanical keyboards all about, I was changing my keyboard so it was a good time for me to try one. I disagree with op on some notes: I LIKE: the build, rugged, yeah as a weapon XD. the volume control is a plus \ the layout is normal, I have my usual typing accuracy I DISLIKE: they keys are easily scratchable, when i tried to remove a key cap the button was scuffed from the sides, still visible I think the RGB lights are bit dampened spring noise every time I press a button, so annoying G keys position, if it was on the left would be better the handwrist, I thought it would be bigger, it makes your hands curved and hurt your wrists after a while, since the keys are raised a bit
  3. baq

    Win 10,PC freeze sounds gone

    @Kein Restarr thanks dude, no problems reported yet, it seems this was tthe issue, new windows 10 here,forced to update with 8700k cpu, feelsbadman haha, whch is why i couldnt fighure it out, because it never happened on my old pc , win 7
  4. baq

    Win 10,PC freeze sounds gone

    thanks alot man, thats not a bad idea , it could be it, thoughmy main activity usually on nvme main drive, but we will see, appreciate it :3
  5. baq

    Minimum Requirements For 1080p

    600 is overkill for used, unless you want new go for low ryzen builds you will save lts of money
  6. baq

    Win 10,PC freeze sounds gone

    i dont think it would solve it, id rather have fresh install, it seems a hardware thing, my RAM usage is usually under 50% weird.
  7. baq

    Decent 2nd Monitor?

    my main monitor is ips and led, freesync amd though no displayport only HDMI, its 24mk430h , 75hz https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-24MK430H-B-led-monitor
  8. baq

    Minimum Requirements For 1080p

    buy used pc, trust me a 5 year old pc with good gpu will be adequate for another 5 years. like the cpu 3770k is great for 1080 with gpu like gtx 780
  9. baq

    What was your first GPU?

    nvidia 6800 i think i cant remeber the name, after that gtx 780
  10. baq


    could be the ssd, but in theory it should be either fast or not working *thonk* maybe bad ram sectors or psu passed its prime? what psu specs u have?
  11. Hi everyone for the love of GOD i can't even figure out what's causing my PC to have those stuttering, it happens from time to time that now it occurs almost daily.... my build is 8700k - evo 212 cooler ASUS z370-f 8*2 gb ddr4 3000 g.skill tridentz (RGB) GTX1070TI ROG m.2 nvme samsung ssd 3 HDDs Thermaltake toughpower grand series 650w (RGB) 2 fans and led strip 2 monitors Here is what happens, the whole pc freezes for a sec or 2 then resumes back, it shows that the sound cables disconnected and connected again(windows 10 notifications front audio speaker), sometimes the sound works sometimes i have to disable the audio driver(Realtek) from device manager and re-enable it and restart to work. temps are always fine especially in cold weather so it shouldn't be a problem I thought it was from the ram but I ran Memtest and had 2 successful runs with no errors. it shouldn't be the hard drive since the OS is on the M.2 nvme. I thought maybe it's the PSU, I searched online but no mentions of same incidents. Maybe it's from chrome while I have like 40 tabs, but I have the great suspender tab, it basically put it in suspended mode and you have to reload the tab again when you want to browse it, it shouldn't be a problem since the build is good. weirdly i hear the HDDs spin when that happes. ironically this never happened in my old build 3770k. any ideas would be appreciated :( sorry for the long post