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    MSI z370 Gaming Plus
  • RAM
    2x8 Corsair LPX 3000, 2x8 Corsair Vengence RGB 3200 (all clocked at 3000mhz)
  • GPU
    Aorus 2080
  • Case
    DIY-PC Vanguard RGB
  • Storage
    500gb Evo Plus, 2tb HDD
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    750 G3
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    1440p 144hz TN
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    360 AIO
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    Yeti Mic
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    Blade Stealth 2016 4k i7 16gb 512gb
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  1. Seems like a monitor problem but it won't hurt to swap the cable
  2. I don't know what will be released nor it's performance so I really can't tell you.
  3. Okay, try and DDU drivers and reinstall and let me know what happens.
  4. If possible grab basically any other laptop. I don't personally like supporting the Chinese government in buying Huawei stuff, as it's basically government owned.
  5. Can we get model numbers of both your monitor and GPU and stuff? Try DDUing drivers and reinstalling them
  6. A 9400f is a fine CPU for minecraft. If you want more performance I would recommend waiting two months for new graphics cards to release, and spending $200 on a budget GPU.
  7. Because a load temperature is a constant load, with the same heat output. Idle tmeperatures are bouncy because stuff happens in the background and the CPU frequency turbos up. I wouldn't be concerned.
  8. Would recommend against the DS3H. I've had the misfortune of owning it myself. It's just a really bad motherboard. Only 1 fan header besides CPU fan. Just not a good buy overall.
  9. Because it has wires running everywhere inside the computer that supply high amperage power to the rest of your stuff. Quick maths: CPU draws 100 watts @ 12 volts (before VRM). That's 8 amps. 8 amps can do a lot of damage.
  10. Everyone else in this thread is giving solid advice. By the way, turning it on after mopping up some of the visible water with a paper towel is quite possibly the worst thing you could have done, short of pouring water directly into the power supply as it was running.
  11. You don't. If someone is savvy enough to open the side panel and remove your components a flimsy lock isn't going to stop them. It is a glass panel after all. If you are actually worried about someone taking your stuff buy a bunch of reuseable tamper seals and put them on the glass in such a way that it bridges the glass and the rest of the case, so in the event that someone takes off the side panel, it is broken and therefore you will know.
  12. As do all things, it depends. There will be new hardware releasing in a few months which will render that obsolete for the money you would pay for it. If you honestly have more than $3k to spend on a gaming machine, and you don't want to tinker with it by doing custom water cooling, just buy a custom loop prebuilt.
  13. I would recommend waiting two months for new hardware releases. At that point 3rd gen Ryzen will hopefully be discounted significantly so you will be able to afford something like a B450 Pro4 and a 3600 or 3300x.
  14. I would recommend waiting two months for new hardware launches before you commit to any purchase decision. New CPUs and GPUs will both be coming out so you will get much better value buying one of them instead of current (about to become last) gen stuff.