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    Games to run on a 5400 RPM hard drive?

    That's a really great article! Really interesting conclusions coming from it as well, not what I would expect at all, especially considering my experience with Fallout 4 (like jones177 pointed out, stuttering and jittering to no end). It doesn't help that Bethesda pre-downloads 50 GB of mods for their stupid store. It seems like the rule of thumb would be to keep any large, open-world games on higher performance drives with anything level-based going onto the slower drive. I could probably pretty safely move everything smaller than 10 GB over to the 5400 drive with no issues. I'll do that tomorrow and post back here again if I notice anything that suffers because of it.
  2. Pringlulz

    Games to run on a 5400 RPM hard drive?

    I added a link to a Google Sheets document with a list of the games on the 1TB drive I want to free up and their size on disk. I guess the problem is, the larger the game, the more impetus I would have to move it, but also the more risk of streaming large files in from disk. I hadn't considered this, and honestly was a bit scared to try. A good game on the list to test this out with would be Rising Storm 2, which has some brutal load times. If you're correct in this, I should get about the same load time on the 7200 RPM drive as the 5400 when I move it over. I'll give it a shot this weekend. Also, just to be clear, "almost full" is still 100 GB of free space. I'm not THAT bad. Yet.
  3. Pringlulz

    Minecraft connection issue

    You might need your internal network's IP address for your laptop. So, for example, your external port might be, but your internal one might be I'm not sure if that's what you meant by "your ip", but it's something to try. You can get this one by going into cmd and typing ipconfig. There might also be router settings preventing you from doing it. It could be that your wireless network is treated as a different environment than your wired connections, but that should have been covered by you trying the external IP of From my experience, nothing changed when I recently tried to start a Minecraft server on Windows 10. I'd recommend going back to using your dynamic IP address assigned to you by your ISP. You can get this one by going to "whatismyip.com" or typing what is my IP into google (because they do it now I think). You can just change the address you sign in with when your dynamic IP changes. You'll run into a lot less headaches that way unless you're running a server that random people can join. Hope this helps.
  4. I think this will be my first (real) post on the forum, but I couldn't think of a community that would have a better answer for this. Please don't tease me Most threads I've seen on this subject are approaching this question from a "what should I buy" point of view, which has the obvious answer of a 7200 RPM drive with a large cache, but since I'm already in the situation of having a massive, slow hard drive, I'd like to approach it from the other angle. Worst case scenario, I'll move the 5400 drive to a NAS/HTPC project and buy a new 7200 drive. The question I want to answer is: What games won't be affected much by a 5400 RPM drive and the consequently slow loading times? Which I think translates into the question of: which games do dynamic loading of textures or other assets from disk? Or, which games rely on data streaming in from the hard drive to maintain FPS. I couldn't find a good answer anywhere for a large number of games. Even most games on "can I run it" only lists the amount of storage required, not the speed of the storage. If this thread gets enough responses, I'd be willing and able to compile and maintain a list for the benefit of us shmucks who bought a 5400 RPM drive or can't afford something better. If you want my personal story, I bought the biggest and cheapest 4TB drive on memory express during a sale they had in 2017. I made sure it was SATA III and had enough cache for my needs and all that, but then didn't notice that it was only a 5400 RPM drive. I guess I figured those had stopped existing. Now I'm getting the red bar on my 1TB 7200RPM drive so I'd like to distribute my games according to the reliance on the hard drive. I've already split my games with ultra-long load times onto my SSD (Total War, GTAV, Fallout 4), but I was wondering what could go in the other direction. As many of you probably know, coming back to an old game and finding out you've lost your 100+ hour save file because you decided to save some space for a 12 hour fling with the latest 80 GB download kinda sucks. Here's a link to the list of games I currently have stored on my 1TB 7200 RPM drive for those of you who are curious.
  5. I've always been kind of a lurker when it comes to LTT stuff. I got into folding in the winter months after hearing about it on LTT last year, actually. This year I've got a GTX 1060 6163 in my rig so I figured what the heck, might as well put my points in the bucket.