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  1. This is probably not it, but check to see if the reset switch on the front of your case isn't stuck down. Though if that was it, I think the computer wouldn't blink on at all, pressing the power button wouldn't do anything.
  2. Does it turn on then immediately off, no fan or lights? You need to check the power supply and cables. Unplug and replug cables. If that doesn't work, you need to test the power supply, with a meter. You either have a bad cable connection, a short, or the PSU has an internal failure.
  3. If I have a Plex media server which uses Nvidia HW encoding (NVENC), will it effect CUDA activities like folding@home or game graphics from a GPU resources point of view? Obviously the CPU is shared for both activities so it would be effected. I have an Nvidia RTX 2060, and the encoding/decoding is a different part of the silicon then the CUDA so do they not interfere with each other? To be clear, can I fold@home with my Plex server with an RTX 2060 without adversely effecting either activity?