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  1. True I would really like a button protect battery longevity at all cost.
  2. Was that already enough to brake the battery ?
  3. It's lithium, I used to cycle it quite a bit by watching movies and just using it unplugged at my desk. from 100 to 20%. At my desk i would use high performance because if it drained the battery fast i could just plug it back in. At night and movie watching i always used battery saving and dimmed screen. Gaming was always plugged in to the wall and high performance. I play For Honor and Metro 2033 witch always would put the system under quite some stress.
  4. Hi everyone, I have an Acer Aspire E 15 who is about 3 years old, I never dropped or damaged it in any significant way. Since a month or so my laptop just dies at 70% whiteout any battery warning sign. To my relief it just seems to be an empty battery, plug it back in it restarts an everything is fine. So i tried re calibrating my battery. But there is no option in the boot program and just changing the critical battery life to 0% in advanced battery settings and letting the battery go from 100 to when it drops out changes nothing. I can however change the processor power management > maximum processor state. If i decrease this significantly 80% 50% 20% then the battery wil go lower to 65% 60% and 50%, But still no warnings before it just shuts down/ crashes. How do I get a correct battery reading again? If that's not possible or the battery(or some cells) are damaged then how do i get correct battery warnings back before it just drops out? Thanks in advance!
  5. Also my link on my wallpaper doesn't do anything when i dubbel click
  6. Also on medium and my grahpics gard does nothing all day. sometimes I play for honnor but not much. are there graphics card specific task i could run ?
  7. keeps jettering every 2 sec or so like its realoading or something
  8. my specs are(laptop) i7-7500HQ gtx950m 2gb 8gbb ddr4 256gb ssd
  9. Hey just started folding, but I can't run it anymore online or offline it dit work the first time. Any ideas THanks