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  1. So I've been pausing the folding on my work computer for quite some time, because I couldn't afford any accidental shutdown right now, and when I got back to it today, here's what the webpage had to say. So. I'm not sure I can finish in time but, hey, I'm going to try ! è_é
  2. Just broke 100 WUs, and coincidentally 3,000,000 points. \o/ This is the most satisfying idle-game ever.
  3. Tangeek

    GTX 1080 for 1080p ultra 60 fps

    Easily. I have yet to find a game I can't play at maximum settings with a 1070M. Even Monster Hunter plays at 75-80fps. I haven't played the latest Tomb Raider but I'd be astonished if it wouldn't run. EDIT : Though for MH:World I do have a few drops to 45-50 in certain areas only if I have the volumetric fog enabled. But it looks ugly so who cares ?
  4. Haha, I won't tell if you won't about mine.
  5. Tangeek

    How do you like your coffee?

    Blacker than a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than hell itself.
  6. Tangeek

    Feel like a waste of space in work, any ideas what to do?

    Sabotage their network, fix it, and get re-hired as the IT. They. Will. Love. You.
  7. I'd be worried about a friend who has my big brother as his avatar.
  8. I've never used Synology but isn't there a VM manager on it ? You could use that to create a Linux VM which does the folding. It doesn't require much space or RAM, just enough to install a bare-minimum Debian or something.
  9. I'm wondering if his 920M will be quicker to do a complete Work Unit.
  10. Starting to fold ! I'm starting with my gaming laptop i7-7700HQ + GTX 1070. Kinda modest compared to you guys but... Yeah, I like the project. I'd like to add my Linux servers to the mix, but I have a few questions for the pro-folders (sorry if this has been asked, I kinda read the topic but maybe I missed it !) : 1/ Is there any non .deb/.rpm tarball on the officiel website ? I'd like to avoid installing any .deb files to my system, not to mention I have a Gentoo into the mix, and I'm planning to get a FreeBSD for other reasons that could join the troops later on. Again, if I missed it, my bad, it's late where I am. 2/ Most of my servers are actually VMs under XEN. Performance wise, what would be best ? Running just one instance on the Dom0 or running an instance on every VM, just to bruteforce it ? I'm leaning towards the first option, for I think obvious reasons, but maybe I'm missing something. 2*/ I just thought of something that could solve both my problems. What if I run a VM with a clean Debian just for the .deb client ? I shouldn't have a big difference than running it in Dom0, right ? Anyway. Here's hoping my beloved companion won't have too much cramps folding all that.