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  1. Hello friends I am working on a project with arduino for Parking System. I started using C# as my main programming language to acheive this goal. I am having problems with OpenALPR. I am using HikVision IP Camera for real time licence plate recognition. Did someone had exeprience with licence plate recognition? Thanks
  2. I dont have monitors yet, but i will buy them later, no big deal. Thanks
  3. I agree. GTX 1050 Ti saves the day Thanks
  4. Its a 4K when you combine 4 1080p monitors, right? I need one image on 4 monitors, no separate images on each monitor.
  5. My display setup is 2x2 - 4K resolution Each monitor is Full HD
  6. Yep, thats right Ok, lets make this clear. I will buy the cheapest GPU that supports 4K with 4 outputs
  7. So you are saying i can run 4K monitor with GTX 210 lol
  8. I will play one video across 4 monitors, but i am not sure that video will be 4k. Do you all agree that my best bet it RX580 4GB or 8GB and Ryzen 3 2200G? Also can i use 3 hdmi + 1 display port, or 3 hdmi and 1 dvi?
  9. Video is some stream from some Fashion Show idk... I am worried about 4k when i connect all 4 monitors to be one
  10. I think i will get RTX2080 just to be sure lol Idk what to do, i spend someone elses money, its dangerous
  11. It has 3 hdmi + 1 display port and 1 DVI. I was thinking buying RX580 4gb and ryzen 3. We need to make this setup for some company in order to play some videos for customers in their shop, so there are no comprimises, it must work perfectly.