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    Linus's follower


  • CPU
    Core 2 Duo E4500
  • Motherboard
    Lenovo LGA775
  • RAM
    2 GB DDR2
  • GPU
    Geforce 210
  • Case
    Lenovo OEM
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    250 GB HDD

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  1. I do understand what you are talking about. What I don't understand is that "compute_0" and "compute_1" terms. The former shows around 100% of work often but the latter show only 0%. And on the left pane, the GPU 1 panel, the utilization percentage never crosses 10 to 12 mark and on average it remains at 7%. That's why I said my GPU isn't working that much!
  2. After 5 days, working for 7-9 hrs daily, my pc completed a work unit! Well, my task manager tells me that the GPU is not that much into this work.
  3. Hey, thank you all for clearing my queries. I think I may have got my answer. And sorry if I've wasted any of your time!
  4. Hey, I can't see my statistics on the website. It's been three days since I started. Will it show after I complete my folding round? Edit: Okay, this is reposted. Can I delete it? How to delete this?
  5. Hey, I can't see my statistics on the website. It's been three days since I started. Will it show after I complete my folding round?
  6. Also, I can learn a thing or two about building PCs, and CPUs and motherboards and hardware and software via this.
  7. Ok. So you mean to say that I can run 64-bit windows on this system. Right? 3rd Gen is good. Use: Nothing much. Casual stuff. Imagine doing stuff on a 2nd Gen Core i3 laptop. Browsing - Light Gaming - documenting. This PC is old. I mean if it had been a 64-bit, quad-core CPU, I wouldn't have bothered. Then I would have installed more RAM and an SSD and better GPU and it would have felt better/newer that way. It will be scrapped now or then. I was looking for a chance, to give it more years to live. Otherwise, only installing an SSD and a 32-bit Linux distro was the best option I had thought.
  8. Hey, thanks for the help mate. I really appreciate it. I'll consider the options. However, I do want an answer to my first question at least. Can I get some help with that?
  9. My old Lenovo desktop PC, which intrigued me now, which I found out is an Ideapad K200, needs to be upgraded to make it survive another 10 years. It's built on an LGA 775 socket (which is the main reason I'm asking questions here), with an Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 CPU @ 2.2 GHz, 2GB DDR2 RAM, Nvidia Geforce 210. I have attached a CPU-Z datasheet which tells its specifications in detail. I have NEVER ever built a PC till now. So, there's no experience. But I do know that upgrading to an SSD will bump my performance. There are some basic questions that I need to ask. My PC tells me that it's a 32-bit PC but checking on Intel's website it tells me it has a 64-bit instruction set. So what is it? Can I possibly upgrade to a more powerful chip on the same mobo? Is there any available-in-market, top-notch processor (like a Xeon) that I can install? (My own research narrowed down the options though). I can't find what's compatible with my motherboard. Can I install more RAM (or Possibly DDR3) if I upgrade to a 64-bit processor? Power supply needed for the upgrade. OR You want to tell me that I should scrap the system and build a new one. In that case, it will be a budget build. $200-$250 budget. A nice mobo-CPU-cooler-PowerSupply combination suggestion will be needed. Thank you for your time! USER-PC.txt
  10. I know nothing.

  11. Just started now! Great concept though. I have an average computer (laptop basically) with a core i5-5200U and Nvidia 920M and a mobile shared internet connection. But I think it should be sufficient.