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  1. Ah alright. bit of disappointed though. Thanks alot!!
  2. What do you mean by that? You mean that the 4ghz is only running on 1 core or since i have a quad core cpu, each core is running at 4ghz?
  3. For some reason whenever i do any cpu intensive my cpu speed only goes up to 1.97ghz and doesn't go up any higher and that really affects the performance, i have an intel i7 8550u which has a base frequency of 1.80ghz and max turbo frequency of 4.00ghz. At the moment in task manager it says that the maximum cpu speed is 1.99ghz. Alot of things is wrong here, first my cpu speed only goes up to 1.97ghz and secondly it says maximum cpu speed is 1.99ghz when it's supposed to be 4.00ghz. If anyone has a solution to this please reply.
  4. My temps are fine and isn't hot at all. I found something else though, on those images below the first one it seems like my cpu is only running on the bus and is giving out only 99.7mhz but on the turbo clock side it says it can run 4000.0mhz and i want to enable that.
  5. I got this LENOVO Ideapad 720 a few days ago and it comes with a: Graphics card: AMD Radeon RX 550 Cpu: i7-8550u 1.8ghz, turbo: 4.0ghz Ram: 16gb My problem is that in task manger it says that the maximum cpu speed is at 1.99ghz when it should be at 4ghz (if it's enabled by default). I tried going over to bios and found nothing helpful. I tried cpu z and when i did do cpu intensive stuff it only when up to somewhere around 798.10mhz so it doesn't go up the 1.99ghz limit. It is really affecting my gaming and work.