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    Intel Core i7-5820K
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    Asrock X99E-itx
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    Quadro P4000
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    Many mistakes
  1. Somehow still scraping just under number 500, CPU has been doing a few little low pointers the past two days...
  2. Skipped 2 days of production and only dropped 20 places, sub 500 really isn't that competitive.
  3. Still just below top 500. I'm the gatekeeper to the gatekeeper of top 500
  4. Ah finally the gap to @justpoet is closing. I'm clawing my way up to the top 500.
  5. Has anyone gotten project 14188? It seems like a smaller protein but it still takes my cpu around 18 hours just to finish.
  6. You still have a sizable lead and my points tank during the weekdays, but your place is mine by next week!
  7. Just outside top 500 but soon.
  8. I imagine if you need to punish the youngest, their system becomes an extra bump in PPD.
  9. Folding month just had to start right when I had a warm spell and my rig isn't helping. You'd think only 1 gpu and cpu wouldn't heat up a room by much...
  10. xyc_notz

    DBZ or Kai

    From the fragments of original Z that I've watched, pacing is really in line with how the memes portray it as. In larger fights, it is roughly one move per episode and a lot of charge-up or shouting which makes the original Z feel too drawn out. For rough pacing, the larger, saga ending fights in original Dragon Ball would take maybe twice the time for the same type of fight in non-Kai Z.
  11. 666 folders on the board, have we called on the devil for folding power?