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  1. Mark C

    Good fans?

    To cool my case
  2. Mark C

    Good fans?

    Could someone please recommend me some good rgb case fans?
  3. I was wondering if a graphics card can be liquid cooled and if so how?
  4. just for more options could you recommend me some more good airflow options?
  5. ryzen 5 2600, rx 580, B450 motherboard, ssd, 1tb 3.5 drive, 8gb of ram. $100 Eastern US
  6. I have a case now but the airflow is not good at all, could someone recommend me a case with good airflow for about $100?
  7. So the problem was the case, I might just have to get a new one. Could you recommend me a good one with great or good airflow?
  8. I wouldn't get an MSI and GPU because the one I have now has a bad heatsink and they have a rep for having bad heatsinks as well. Look for either a founder edition or a Aurus 2080
  9. There are none if your looking for low price around that quality just go with 1080p 144hz
  10. I don't know where to begin... First of all your playing games like fortnight or CS:GO so for ultra 120fps all you gonna need at least 480 Gb and since prices are down now, id go with that.
  11. If you are focusing on video editing I think either a ryzen 5 2600, 2600X or even a ryzen 7 2700 would fit your needs but as far as GPU goes who then probably go with an RTX 2060 if you are not focusing on games as well 16gb ram just because getting an rtx 2060 will make your price drop.
  12. You don't need 16gb ram right away get 8gb and get Ryzen 5 2600X plus cases just matter on size every other part is just preference. You would want a mid tower.
  13. I will check just to cross it off my list.