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    Intel i7 9700k
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    Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Xtreme
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    Teamgroup T-Force Night Hawk RGB Black 32GB 3200MHz CL16
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    EVGA RTX 2080 XC Ultra
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    Lian-Li PC-O11 Dynamic Black
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    WD Black 1TB NVMe + WD Black 3TB
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    Corsair HX1000i +80 certified Platinum
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    PG279Q (IPS, 144nhz, 1440p, G-Sync, 27") + VG248QE (TN, 144mhz, 1080p, 24")
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    Corsair H115i Pro RGB
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    Razer Huntsman Elite
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    Steelseries Rival 650
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    Razer Nari Ultimate
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    Windows 10

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  1. So I have a SanDisk Extreme Plus 128GB and I formatted it to Fat32 for my switch. Sometimes when I move load it to the PC with a reader and try to change (delete/add/replace) it will suddenly become corrupted. I have no idea if there is an issue with the way I work with it or the sd itself is already ruined for good. I tried to reformat it so many times, check it with many different softwares and did a clean and long format; I even ran a chkdsk on it as well. Nothing bad came out of those tests and it always go back to functioning... until it randomly corrupts because one of my file transfers or folder creation. Is there anything I can do or is it the end for this poor sd card?
  2. I kinda want to be close to the main stage and I think there are a couple of seats still open. Anyway, join the discord server and let's decide where.
  3. Sounds great. Here's mine: Bonzay0#5842
  4. I'm going to the 2:30pm tour. I'm also not far off the convention center. I was thinking of taking public transportation, but if someone has a car I don't mind to share expenses. And even without, I'm down to meet before the tour and get there together.
  5. Coming all the way from Israel. Probably not the furthest but pretty far
  6. That's awesome, thank you! The little Tokyo is in Toronto, I think they don't call it that officially just between the locals.
  7. Does Vancouver have some well known Japanese restaurants? I heard Toronto has "little Tokyo" area, is there anything similar in Vancouver?
  8. Yeah I'm coming with a laptop and also bought me a Kensington lock. I will bring with me a few locks as I have to anyway cuz I'm staying at a hostel with lockers (which u need to bring ur own lock to)
  9. Got a question about merchandise here.. So based on my current ltt shirts I have I might be needing a smaller size ones... I lost some weight and was XL, now probably soon be an L. Is it possible to change the merch ticket size request I did?
  10. I don't think I'll be renting a car, so unless some one with a car is in the 2:30 tour and can pick me up from Vancouver downtown than it's 20min walk for me..
  11. I'm staying in Vancouver from the 24th till 1st of August, so if you want hangout before or after the LTX/BYOC I'm down for it. Anyway, about the BYOC.. would love to have some people to sit next to and do some teaming up or even just some friendly banter. If you guys up to it we can definitely make sure to select seats next to each other.
  12. It's more to play it safe, if for example I get a good deal for m.2 nvme than lets say a SATA m.2... Basically that's it. Now it's time to find me some deals
  13. I'm gonna bring my laptop, Lenovo Legion Y740 "17 (the one with RTX 2070)
  14. I'm coming solo to the event (and Canada in general) Would love to make friends for the BYOC.
  15. I'm leaning towards replacing the m.2 drive. Do you know if it's NVMe slot or just a regular SATA one?