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    The TV for the 1%

    I completely agree with your rant. I have a 6-7 year old 55" Panasonic ST30 plasma that still works good as new with zero burn-in. Over the last couple of years I've been using it primarily with a Roku and mini-PC (LibreELEC/Kodi), and there's no burn-in. There is some image retention that occurs, but that always disappears when I start watching something else. I've never gamed on it though, because my viewing distance is far. Based on my experience with the plasma, I made the jump to a 65" LG C8 OLED TV a few weeks back. I'm in complete awe every time I watch anything on it, from Dolby Vision/HDR10 content to hockey games and my regular TV shows. It's definitely a huge step up, and the brightness is much better than with my plasma. The colors pop, and I can honestly see zero grain or noise when watching Dolby Vision/HDR10 content. I still can't believe how amazing it is. I'm 100 hours in now, and still have yet to experience any burn-in or image retention, and hope I never do.