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  1. No..everything is bought from amazon...one thing...i have 16x1 ram single channel...will it affect? And also i have vs550 PSU
  2. Yes I did and all are up to date
  3. Hello,I recently built a PC with specs.i5-9400frtx 2060 6gbz390 m plus mobo550 psu16x1 gb ram240 gb SSD2TB HDDthe cpu temps and usage are normal.. same with gpu and same with ram tooand i am getting very low fps like none of the games i am able to play at ultra on 1080p 60 fps. Please Help It was my saving money and i am getting no output. please help
  4. What if I connect to gpu then will it show the display?
  5. But bro I didn't connected vga cable to graphics card but to motherboard the normal display wasn't there
  6. Hello guys recently I installed gtx1050ti in my pc and I have an non hdmi display with vga dvi and display port. So I decided to take dvi cable next day so till then I tried to connect the pc with vga to VGA cable to the motherboard but it did not get detected.So what should I do please help
  7. Sorry but I don't know much about these things. So what is modular and non modular?
  8. What do you say about crosair CX450?
  9. Crosair CX450 will be enough right and I can replace it with my current psu right ?
  10. Can you refer me one and can I replace my existing psu with that? I mean can I keep only one psu in my cpu?