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  1. i got my cpu clock speed on 4000mhz-4500mhz every time, is it normal? you can see on the photo (I DIDN'T OC IT)
  2. 1 more question if i buy 9600k will bottlenecke my gpu?
  3. Hmm, if i bought 8400 im just gonna save like 40€, so i prefer dat 2 cpus
  4. I recently bought 1060 6gb , so yeh, now my cpu got bottlenecked so i need to updgrade my cpu, dat why i was asking which cpu i sould buy, and no amd i prefer intel
  5. I will need to updgrade my mother board My future build (probably): Motherboard Msi z390 gaming edge Ram G.skill 2x8 gb 3000mhz cl14 Gpu msi 1060 gb Cpu i5-8600k/ i5-9600k
  6. Hi guys, i need your opinion, so im thinking about to buy a new cpu, cuz my cpu is old, (i3 4150). So which one i should buy? i5-8600k or i5-9600k??? btw i got gtx 1060 6gb!
  7. Yeh.. Every grapgic settings i got the same issues
  8. When im playing rainbow six siege i got 70-80 fps and its like my fps drops to 40 or 50 but, i cant see my fps drops, always im playing with 70 fps, i only got this issue after i put new graphic card, My actual specs: GPU - msi 1060 6gb CPU - i3 4150 RAM - 3x4gb 12gb Mother board z97 g45
  9. do you have any idea how to fix it?
  10. im asking dat because im playing rainbow six siege, i got like 70-80 fps, and i got annoying lag, but my fps still 70-80 very strange...