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  1. it is possible that the motherboard has a higher latency than yours does since the newer ones are getting faster and faster. im not sure that ram would make a difference but that might be something to look into. and the gpu drivers are the same version on both pcs?
  2. it is an asus rog strix rx580 8gb
  3. did you update any drivers before you started having this issue?
  4. googling error 6008 suggests someone is shutting it down remotely via third party software or remote access
  5. my case has 6 case fans alone, the aio has 2 and the gpu has 3. im sending it back for a replacement because the gpu is dying (why im seeing artifacts/flashing colors when playing games) this is a whole new issue o.o
  6. so i recently diagnosed my gpu. ill be sending it in for a replacement in the morning but i put i back in my pc to run some tests and turned on my pc. and on idle my gpu is now starting to overheat and shutdown my system. the card is brand new my system is clean. i applied new thermal compoun, made sure it has good contact, underclocked my gpu, did a ddu. and it is still overheating while idle any ideas why?
  7. monitors, game resolution, graphics settings, and possibly the motherboard could all cause drops in fps as well as any oc settings
  8. sorry its taking so long to reply by the way. im working on my own screen flickering issue myself with my gaming pc. everythings fine on any other screen but when i open a game and get to the point i can play it i get flashing colored dots all over the screen so im trying to find out how to fix it XD
  9. have you changed any of the hardware pr was it doing that out of the box
  10. i posted about this in a different section but managed to rule out my gpu and the cable causing the issue, and the monitor is new so i hope thats not the problem. ive been having an issue lately of seeing colored pixelated dots and resolution changes. whats weird is that its only when i open a game and try to play o.o i did a driver update on my monitor before all this started and went to roll back the driver only to see that i dont get the option to do so since it says there was no past drivers. can anyone walk me through doing this manually?
  11. to download it i have to create an account and to create an account i need to be in a university...
  12. ok lol. i guess i shouldve read the whole page before posting more questions XD
  13. this works on amd cards right?
  14. ill try that right away. thank you