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  1. Mauser1938

    Does it matter where fans are plugged in for radiator?

    It’s the H115i RGB I believe. So I should unplug them from the controller and connect them to wires off the cooler? The fans show up in link/icue and I can control their speeds but it’s better to have it plugged into the extension off of the cooler itself? Sorry very new at this lol
  2. Hi I just finished changing the fans on the Corsair H115i aio ans was wondering if it mattered where they are plugged into. On the aio there are two fan connecters that can be used to connect the fans. I was wondering if they are for convenience or should be used as currently I have them plugged into the Corsair controller. Also the aio doesn’t show up in Corsair link like the ram and fans. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Mauser1938

    3 intake 120mm fans with 3 exhaust 140mm fans

    Ohh oops! And is negative pressue bad or it just creates more dust? I get what ur saying about the rpm but as of right now im not 100percent sure how to set the fan speeds individually
  4. Mauser1938

    3 intake 120mm fans with 3 exhaust 140mm fans

    What do you mean? Make the radiator fans intake too? And just have the 1 exhaust fan?
  5. Hey so I see a lot of things saying positive pressure is wanted in cases however i have 3 intake fans in the front of my case which are 120mm. And a 280mm aio cpu cooler and 1 140mm exhaust fan out the rear. I don’t see a different way this could be done the case is a Corsair 500D SE. Is that fine? Or should I change something. Thanks!