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  1. Update: it has now booted, thanks for this, though I'm not entirely sure how, I first tried unplugging all from the back I/O and left the monitor and my pcie wifi card and it didn't work I left it for about an hour when I tried again it worked and posted. What could have caused this though? Is there something that I should be worried about?
  2. Ryzen 7 2700 Gigabyte A320M-S2H 16GB HyperX Fury DDR4 2400Mhz Gigabyte RX570 600W 80Plus Bronze PSU (not sure of the brand but it has a lot of Korean text on it)
  3. As the title says, my PC won't turn on after I left it untouched for a day. I was out of my house and spent the night at a relative's. When I came back home my PC won't turn on completely, no fans, no display, no BIOS, etc. Though my keyboard and mouse would light up. Prior to this, I didn't notice anything completely out of the ordinary. But I have some things to note: - Before I left my house I left my PC on and asked my mother to shut it down for me. She said she only saw the "there are apps still running" and she chose the "shut down anyway" option. Though I have been doing this myself so may be unrelated. - My keyboard normally lights up when I turn on the switch on the extension plug and then turns off until I turn on the actual PC. Now it remains lit up. This also happened the last time I was able to turn on my PC - I have been using an off brand Korean power supply, I don't know if this is where the issue is, I have been using this power supply for about 6 months without problems. - I'm not using a UPS. The last time we had a power outage was about a month and a half ago.
  4. sorry for the late reply, about 70k php no preference on the weight really as long as its not absurdly heavy, battery life doesn't matter too much but my friend prefers a battery that's fairly easy to remove. Here's links to some reliable stores in our region https://dynaquestpc.com/collections/notebooks https://villman.com/Category/Notebook-PCs
  5. I personally recommended to him the ROG for the better aesthetics but I couldn't find the specs that he prefers, though this one seems to be not yet available where in our local market.
  6. A friend needs to upgrade his laptop asap, I really wanted to recommend him 4th gen Ryzen but we couldn't find anything in our local market and he can't afford to wait for them to arrive to the country since he needs it for work. He does mostly graphics and illustration with Clip Studio Paint as his main application with After Effects and Illustrator on the side. He also plans to play games on them. His budget is about US$1000-1300 converted Right now he plans on getting the Acer Predator Helios 300 with the i5 9300 and an RTX 2060 (PH315-52-54KC). I wanted to get thoughts on this and if there are other good recommendations in this price. Here are some other laptops that he also considers Asus TUF FX505DT-AL012T Asus ROG Strix G G531GT-AL496T HP Omen 15 2019 (not sure of the specific model)
  7. sorry I'm still sort of new to this, what do you mean by shorting the switches?
  8. I'm using a relatively cheap mechanical keyboard with Outemu switches on a hotswap board. It's about a year old and noticed that there are some keys that don't register immediately. Though this doesn't happen often, I wanted to know if the issue is with the mechanical switches or the pcb itself? Should I replace the switches or should I save for an entire new keyboard instead. Also, what's usually the cause for this to happen?
  9. If you're looking for closed back Samson SR950/Superlux HD669 are some decent pairs. Though I've heard somewhere that Audio Technica M20X had similar sound to the M40X but with a less flat signature and has more bass, so you maybe want to look into those.
  10. Hmm if you want wireless with really good sound then THX Panda probably, I'm not updated with Drop's pricing but I think it costs a lot more than 200GBP Another I could think of is HyperX Cloud Mix, its right within your budget, though I'm not all too familiar with how they sound.
  11. Alright, thanks man, might get the one with the better sensor then.
  12. I'm looking to buy a new mouse and settled with the Tecware EXO (a blatant Model O clone, here's what it looks like https://www.tecware.co/exo) There's two variants I'm choosing from, one with a pmw3327 and one with a pmw3389, they have about a $10 difference. Is the 3327 good enough or should I spend the extra $10 for the 3389? I am also coming from a G102 with a Hero sensor and was wondering how do these two compare? I've heard the 3327 and 3389 were pretty comparable in real world usage, and I don't play too much games that require an extremely accurate sensor, I play some CSGO and Destiny 2 those are the only FPS I play at the moment, and I occasionally play Osu on a mouse. Side note: Has anybody had issues with dirt or dust with these types of mice?
  13. Not sure how bad mining affects cards, but if you're not confident buying a three year old mining card, a 570 can usually run high/ultra 1080p at around 60fps more or less depending on what games you play.