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    Malfunctioning mechanical keyboard

    Alright thanks, I guess I'll have to consider switching this KB out since I'm not familiar with the process of replacing PCBs, replacing the switches would have been simpler.
  2. Poraf

    Malfunctioning mechanical keyboard

    a little bit of both actually sometimes it would only happen when I'm typing fast, sometimes it would happen as soon as I press a single key. Say I'd press 'M' and it would register 5 times, sometimes it would double register in the middle of typing a sentence, on rare occasions it won't register at all.
  3. One of my mechanical keyboards is beginning to malfunction and double (even multiple) registers with certain keys. Most of the malfunctioning keys are at the bottom row of keys, sometimes the entire row malfunctions sometimes its just one or two keys. Granted the keyboard is some Chinese off brand keyboard with unspecified brand of switches and I've had them for nearly over a year and was one of my first mechanical keyboards. Here's the specific model (though I did not buy it from this exact seller): https://www.amazon.com/LexonElec®-Keyboard-AK33-Backlit-Mechanical/dp/B07T4KVMG1/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=ajazz&qid=1563305663&s=gateway&sr=8-2&th=1 I wanted to know how to identify if the problem is with the switches themselves or if it was with the PCB, and if it is possible to fix it. I do have other keyboards I could use but I keep this around to save some desk space.
  4. I have tried the Alphas, they are lacking in bass, a bit more lacking than I would like, and I'm not even a basshead. But the Alphas are so much more comfortable than the G Pros, like these are really comfortable. The G Pro X (the new ones) I haven't tried personally, but it looks so much similar to Hyper X Cloud variants (which are rebranded Takstar Pro 80s) which imo has a more pleasing sound than the Alphas. I'm going to second the guy above, the MH751/752 are a better option than both, just as comfortable as the Alphas and have a more balanced sound.
  5. I'm thinking the latter, but who knows, maybe they intentionally cut it to prevent further potential damage.
  6. The PSU cables were cut the second time I brought it for repairs, when I got it back they said it was dead and it didn't turn on completely. The first time I it was returned it still posted.
  7. Seeing the latest Linum video with the SI tech support, I felt like sharing an old experience I had with 3rd party tech support when I was younger. 8-9 years ago (more or less) I had a pre built computer gifted to me. For about two years it worked fine, I played games most of the time until at one point it started to show some problems. It had its fair share of issues but the most notable was shutting itself off after some period of time. Being a kid that had no knowledge of computer hardware, my mum and I brought it to a third party PC repair shop. Left it there for a few days and when we got it back the issues were fixed... for about a week or two. The issues showed up again and we brought it back, when we got it back the following week they said the PC was failing and they couldn't do anything about it. Me being ignorant to computers, just believed my PC was dead. Fast forward to today, I already have the knowledge of PC components and hardware etc. and one day I thought I'd open the old chassis for old time's sake. Guess what I found inside, a PSU with all of its cables cut, not pulled, just straight up cut. No wonder my old PC died and having waited 5 years before I had my next PC left a sour taste in my mouth. TL;DR: I opened an old PC I had as a kid and found its PSU cables were cut by the PC shop I brought it to get repaired some years ago. I still don't know what happened to my PC, but I reckon it was throttling too much.
  8. Have you checked for temps?