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  1. felixlinker

    Not able to register on LTT forum with PIA enabled

    Thanks for getting back to this. For me this thread was not about "disable anti spam system pls" but "I think you might be interested in this"; whatever the outcome might be, I'm fine with it
  2. felixlinker

    Not able to register on LTT forum with PIA enabled

    It's not just google recaptcha, I think. Because when I ticked the "I'm a human box" and solved one or two "Select all pictures that have X on it" the captcha showed me that I indeed was successfully validated as a human. Only when I clicked "Register now" or whatever the button says, I was prompted the error message.
  3. You're absolutely right. For me, this article never, ever, ever could show that the A12 is "better" (whatever that might mean in general) than the i7 7700k. But I found it astonishing that in this specific instance, it actually is. Although it's left to say how well this scales, i.e. what happens when you throw much more complicated z3 runs at each of the processors. What I thought about than is how good you can generalize that. And I didn't just want to blindly guess that. But if there are applications, where the A12 performs really well against the i7 7700k - how close does the A12 get on other workloads? And as a sidenote: Although I get what you're going for and you're somewhat right your comparison is a bit to rough. I mean, we are talking about two architectures that both can run Windows or any other operating system. Surely, they are built for different use cases, but they're not as far as GPUs and CPUs.
  4. Hi there, So I just registered for this forum (obviously) but for doing so I needed to disable PIA which is a bit subpar. With PIA disabled, everything worked fine. With PIA enabled, the "Are you a human?" tickbox required me to select some cars and store fronts (you know the deal) but then the anti-spam system rejected my request to register. I managed to get here, but thought it might be worth to notice that.
  5. Heya, I currently do an internship in a group that does formal verification and one of my colleagues presented this blogpost to us: https://homes.cs.washington.edu/~bornholt/post/z3-iphone.html Apparently, a researcher at University of Washington found out that running an SMT solver on an iPhone XS consistently is faster than running the same thing on a i7 7700k. Which I found to be very interesting. The researcher also gave an assumption for why that might be and said it might come down to the big L2 cache of the A12 processor built into the iPhone XS. To give a bit of context for those who don't know what SMT solving is: Basically it's asking the computer whether a given (rather sophisticated) boolean expression that contains variables is satisfiable, i.e. whether there are assignments to those variables which make the whole boolean expression true. This problem is known to be NP-complete, i.e. very hard to solve. If some of you folks could give me a bit of perspective on that one, that'd be neat.