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  1. its not very difficult. it is however a very tedious process but with enough patience and guidance anyone can do its not rocket science. Experience is key and always triple check wire connections before connecting to components to prevent any shorting due to wrong wiring.
  2. Bump, having the same issues. very annoying might just sell the G Skills
  3. Making some test passes on our laser machine. This thing just glows with any amount of light.
  4. Yea the EKWB is perfect for the space provided in the back. I tried my best to do all the measurements before ordering.
  5. **Update** Ended up changing the wire colors and instead of using the cable mod replacements i will be making my own wire harness out of scratch. This is due to the lengths not being long enough given the size of the case and desired cable routes i would like. i also have gotten in quite a good amount of parts in and will post some pictures up. still waiting on finishing up some acrylic work. stay tuned. Most pictures you will see are mock ups as i am still waiting on some parts to completely solidify route for tubing and wiring