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  1. Yeah, I'm fairly certain that the warranty is voided. As you've discovered, these parts aren't something that you can easily come by.
  2. DevBiker

    Does it matter where fans are plugged in for radiator?

    Fair enough. But doing that you do lose control over the cooler's RGB as well as monitoring of the pump temperature. And while controlling the fans based on CPU temps is workable (particularly if you are smart about your hysteresis), the proper temp variable for radiator fans is the coolant temperature. You can't get that using the motherboard.
  3. Hey there! DevBiker here. I'm well versed in the Corsair RGB and AIO world and am on the community iCue beta team.

    1. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      Ok. Can you answer me why the Icue still can't remember the rgb settings if the program doesnt run?


      If using corsair link, even if i close the program, or even in bios, the rgb settings remain.

      If using Icue, if i lock my pc or close the program it goes to rgb vomit.

    2. DevBiker


      It disconnects all devices so they go back to default.

      It's a common complaint and something that they are looking to address. No ETA, however.

  4. Have you tried RMA? Corsair coolers typically have a 5 year warranty.
  5. DevBiker

    Does it matter where fans are plugged in for radiator?

    Ideally, yes, they should be in the controller. I'm a bit more concerned that the cooler isn't showing up in Link. That one should, at least as long as the USB is connected. Look for the Corsair USBXP driver in Device Manager ... it may need a little kick ... disable and then enable it. I would recommend going to iCue if you are using LInk but you'll lose your fan curves. If moving from Link to iCue, look here for a tool to transfer the fan curves:
  6. DevBiker

    Does it matter where fans are plugged in for radiator?

    Which H115i do you have? There are several variations. The newest (the H115i Platinum) won't show up in Link; you'll need iCue for that. The earlier versions show up in Link as long as you have the USB plugged in (or should, at least). And you should have the fans connected to the cooler. That will allow Link/iCue to control the fans via the onboard controller and the controller to do it based on coolant temp when Link/iCue isn't running.
  7. DevBiker

    PSU Cables

    On the expense ... A) They are a luxury and priced as such. They aren't necessary. You PSU will come with the cables that you need. B) If you've ever sleeved cables yourself, you'll realize very quickly why they are expensive.
  8. You'll need and RGB Fan Hub, for starters. If your MSI motherboard has a JCORSAIR header, you can connect this to the fan hub and control the lighting via Mystic Sync. The HD and SP fan multipacks come with an RGB Fan Hub and a push-button controller. No software control with that but it'll work. And I'd recommend the HD fans over the SP.
  9. DevBiker

    Corsair LL120mm

    You're missing the RGB Fan Hub. You'll need that. See http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=173880
  10. Then that would be iCue with a Commander Pro. The Commander Pro has 6 fan control ports for fan speed control, 4 thermistors for temperature sensing, it will read system temps and provides 2 Corsair RGB channels. Take a look at this RGB FAQ: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=173880
  11. You'll need an RGB Fan Hub and either a Lighting Node Pro or a Commander Pro (one or the other). Both the fan hub and the LNP come with the LL fan multipacks ... so I'd return 3 of the individual LL fans and get the multipack instead.
  12. Corsair does have fans, strips and peripherals that link together with iCue. They don't have any RGB PSUs but, if you want to monitor your PSU, you'll need an i-series PSU (as you said). Do you have something specific that you are looking for?
  13. DevBiker

    Corsair ML120

    The Lighting Node Pro and the RGB Fan Hub Controller both require SATA connections - so you'll need two.