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  1. I have tried this method already, after enabling RPM Fusion for Fedora 30 - Nonfree - NVIDIA Driver, I'm not able to find NVIDIA Linux Graphics Driver can you help me with that ?
  2. Can some one guide me through the installation of NVIDIA Drivers on Fedora 30 OS ?
  3. @Vector0102 Then you might have to search in www.amazon.in
  4. Can some one suggest me a software for Ubuntu where i can get benchmarking scores(FPS, Loss) like FRAPS, MSI AFTERBURNER
  5. Thanks for all the detailed explanation, much appreciated
  6. I have done benchmarking previously in an organisation and used to give info of only Min Max Avg FPS. I would want to give more information regarding this and a better way to present it, obviously. can you please provide me a potential link to work on that
  7. Can you please explain me how to get the data and what data do we have to take? Thanks in advance
  8. Can some one please explain me how to benchmark Games with different GPU's and provide all the information in graphs?
  9. Okay, got your point thanks for helping me out
  10. I got your point, But, i have to do it on multiple PC's If i copy that backup file in any external device and try to do that, System is not detecting that
  11. I am working on some stuff, so i need to keep on re-imaging this PC, so it ll be helpfull if i can do that with Updated Windows 8.1 OS
  12. when i did the backup using in-built backup and restore, I am not getting ISO file, it shows 'WindowsImageBackup' I want to use this backup in a different computer
  13. can some one guide me on how to create a backup ISO file for my existing PC in Windows 8.1