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  1. you seem to keep ignoring that the razer phone was only $600 compared to other flagships it was a good deal. You can say all you want that the ram and specs are wasted but if its giving me a better lag free experience i really don't care if its all being utilized. when i do game on my phone or watch content I only care that the screen looks good and there is no appreciable lag. what matters is user experience and of all the phones i tried a the time this one felt best and i have the income where honestly saving a few hundred for a worse experience is not a worthwhile tradeoff. If i were a student or making a lower wage that priority might change but as somebody 10 years into a good career... yea no reason to compromise at the price delta... now when I look at the Note 10 max and such that is when things change... this is $1.1k now we are getting closer to the is this twice as good as some of its competitors money. I used to be a note user up to the Note 7 thing but then as prices went up I decided the performance (at the time) vs a one plus was not worth it)
  2. I play apex legends too, on my 2070 I have all the settings cranked and am usually at the 120+fps. only in heavy action points will it dip and even then i rarely see the fps counter dip into the 90's usually in normal combat i will drop to 110ish admittedly I have better cooling and a pretty significant overclock. I chose the MSI duke because ti came with the binned 400-A chips which overclock much better.
  3. I have a RTX 2070 MSI Duke overclocked and it runs everything i have thrown at it for 1440p ~144hz rarely see dips below 100 fps. Only exception is games with RTX like battlefield V when running RTX it drops into the 60-80 fps range
  4. given those MSI X470 GAMING PLUS https://www.anandtech.com/show/12990/the-msi-x470-gaming-plus-review/8
  5. how is it double the price? compared to comparable flagship phones it was a pretty good deal. and while i do only use the gaming feature sometimes I am watching media on it constantly at work so yea the nice big screen was totally worth the price. $600 for a phone I will use for probably 2 years seemed reasonable and given how many hours I spend on my device its very justifiable for me to spend that on a good device. (admittedly cross shopped with the Galaxy note but that one was harder to justify on cost.
  6. are there programs that will claim to do so? yes. but i don't know a better way to put this than "you cannot push a button an add 2x the pixels to the area" its a hardware thing based on physical pixels preset. the software solutions really will just downscale the image and decide what to show and what not to show on said pixels and things will still look ~the same except distorted
  7. I have a Razer phone 2. the 120hz screen is great. several titles do actually use it, heck the razer site has a list of all the 120hz compatible games to sue... that said vs 60 fps on mobile its hard to see a huge difference. I do not hold it near my face but rather at a conformable arms length distance. It does get hot but takes about 20-30 min to get uncomfortable and even then I rarely hit that time as gaming usually only happens on it for a few min at a time when waiting for things like a dentist appointment or dr appointment (i have 3 kids so need to wait on lots of things like that)
  8. competition is good for the consumer. I am currently using EGS mostly as a means to encourage competition. I am still watching steam sales and activating humble bundles but for anything on EGS if the same price I will buy it there. Ideally i would love a world where we might have some reason to choose one store for a title over the other like... rather than valve takign 30% off the top they say "ok you make your $42 you woudl make from selling a 59.95 game and instead sell ti for $50 on our platform" then EGS says " sell it for $49 on out platform and you get $45 of that etc. will studios are making more $ and consumers are paying less $
  9. not on the laptop. it just doesn't have enough pixels to display 1080p put another way your 1366x768 monitor has 1,046,088 pixels a 1920 x 1080 monitor has 2,073,600 pizels there is no way to force ~2x the pixels into your screen
  10. x570 seems a bad buy to me unless you really want pcie -4 and even then I would take a long hard look at why I think i need it (spoiler currently you really don't) its hard to say on black friday sales what would be on sale but yea a 3600 bundled with a B450 will likely be a easy to find option. When i researched it for my latest build the MSI B450 tomohawk seemed the best option, but really unless you are plannign to overclock any B450 from a reputable manufacturer should do. I have never had anybody unsatisfied with an ASUS TUF board personally and have built several systems with them (i usually just go with what is on sale in a good combo deal with a processor i want)
  11. sadly a lot of laptops cheap out on panels you may be able to get a secondary monitor assuming there is a hdmi vga dvi or display port out and run that at 1080p though. There are a lot of great 75-120hz 1080p monitors to choose from that are very reasonably priced. I got my son a nice on sale 75 hz 1080p 24" monitor for ~$100 added bonus to a external monitor for gaming at home would be you can have a bigger screen and maybe some better dedicated gaming input devices for use there btu retain your on the go ability of the laptop if you need it. I have a nice desktop but take one of my 1440p 144hz monitors with me on trips for this very reason.
  12. ddu is https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html it basically wipes all gpu drivers so you can perform a clean install. you would be surprised how often issues come up with cards under performing and its just that they did not uninstall everything properly from the old card. Personally I upgrade drivers every month or so and run DDU probably twice a year for a clean install as regular pc maintinance as for "not being needed" its apex legends on a RTX 2060 needing to run at low settings, I would call that a pretty significant issue.
  13. XMP for sure you need to enable asap that is a significant boost right there . as for performance as said above it really is a case of do you feel it. I am running an 8700k (at the time the best chip for the $ in my budget, i got it on release) and ran with a 1070. I then picked up a RTX 2070 as again for the price it was about the best I would need for 1440p 144 hz wit Gsync. I am surprised your 8500 with a 2060 is needing low settings in apex legends, my 1070 and 8700k were keeping 144 fps at max settings and 1440p in it before i got my 2070 and there is no difference in that title now vs then. I suggest troubleshooting that, run DDU and reinstall drivers for the 2060 would be the best place to start i think (other than turning on xmp if off)
  14. I would agree that today a 8500 would be a terrible choice of a chip. If the OP had bought the system when the 8 series Intel chips were new though they were certainly good buys. Now if it wwere purchased post Ryzen 3 series chips coming oand laying the smack down on intel... well yea that would be a bad buy