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    Ryzen 3700X
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    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master
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    16 Gigs G.Skills Trident Z RGB 3600
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    Sapphire Nitro+ 5700XT
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    NZXT H500i
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    2 x WD Blue M.2 1tb SSD
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    EVGA Super Nova 750 G3
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    MSI Optix MAG271CQR
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    NZXT Kraken X62
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    Razer DeathAdder
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    Shure SRH440 Headphones
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    Windows 10
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    Razer Blade 15

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  1. @Aidan.69420 Just for a little more support for you here, I just finished a build for a friend using a 3600 and its fantastic!
  2. The R5 1600x is only rated to 2667Mhz according to AMD's spec sheet on it.
  3. Perfect! That's for clarifying that for me!
  4. Hey all, first off, thanks for all the help, always so grateful for all the support here! I've recently upgraded my motherboard, and I'm wanting to make sure I get all the most current updates installed on it. When I go to the mobo's page on Gigabyte's web site, there is a laundry list of driver updates. Just under the "utility" category there are 17 updates. I only need to install the latest version of these, correct? I don't have to go an install all 17 do I? God, I hope not. haha.
  5. hmmmmm, it sounds like something is hitting the fan. It doesn't sound like something is hitting it to much, obviously not enough to impact the performance of the fan, but just enough. What you need to to is learn if it's a fan blade hitting something, or something hitting the fan blade. There could be a burr of some sort on one of the fan blades. I think that's less likely though because the ticking isn't in a consistent rhythm. So, whatever is causing it is also being effected by the fan blade spinning. Since it's such a high pitch, it's going to be something very small. Once you find it, you could easily file it off. The worst case would be that it's coming from inside the fan, and there is something very small bouncing around inside it. Giving the random nature of the sound, this is what I'd be betting on as the culprit.
  6. Found the problem! The smaller portion of the 24 pin connected to the PSU had come out. It was tucked away in the back and must have gotten tugged on somehow. Anyway, pulled everything out, set it up outside the case and the mobo powered up. Now to put it all back together again. :)
  7. not so far. I just got home, I'm going to pull the whole thing apart and try again, just to be certain.
  8. Hey friends. My new motherboard arrived last night, and quickly went to work on the swap. When I went to fire up the machine...nothing happens. I'm hoping my brand new mobo isnt DOA. I've done 4 builds now, never had any issues, so trouble shooting isnt a strength of mine. So far, I've double checked the connections between the PSU and the mobo. This mobo has two 8 pins, and the 24 pin connecting to the PSU. I had to add the second 8 pin with the new mobo. That's the only change in connections from the old one to the new one. One thing I did find odd is that most cases have the front panel connections as individual plugs that you need to connect. The NZXT H500i that I have uses a harness. On my previous mobo it just connected easily, only had one spot and one way it could connect. This new one mobo, the front panel connection portion is twice the size of anyone I've seen. I cant imagine this is the problem because I should still see some sort of power indication on the mobo if the PSU is powering it right? Tonight I'm going to do a full tear down and start from scratch just to make sure I haven't missed anything. But, is there anything you smart folks can think of that I may have missed or a common oversight in these situations that I'm just not seeing. (Yes, the PSU is turned on and plugged in. Haha.) Other possibly helpful info. New mobo- Gigabyte x570 master Old mobo- MSI x370 gaming pro carbon New CPU- 3700x Old CPU- 1700x PSU- EVGA G3 750 watt Gold Rated GPU- Nitro 5700xt
  9. I did buy my license. I just checked out my Microsoft account, and all my PC's are on there. (it's crazy how much they know about my machines. haha) I think at this point, I'll just hook it up and trouble shoot if something comes up.
  10. ah cool. I'll look into that. It's not an OEM system, staying on AMD CPU, but from X370 to X570 chipset. MSI mobo to Gigabyte. I'll try and link of my accounts, thanks!
  11. I've got a new motherboard on the way, my new CPU is here just waiting patiently with me for the mobo's arrival. It just dawned on me, I've never swapped motherboards on a build before, I've only done fresh builds. I'm wondering if I need to do anything beyond just installing my M.2 SSD's into the new mobo and booting it up? Will the new mobo need a fresh Windows install, or will it just use the installed windows on my current boot drive?
  12. There are some solid deals on Newegg right now for Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. For instance, the Gigabyte Aorus Ultra is at $260, down from $300. That's a killer deal in that price point. Check out Buildzoid's latest video on all the AM4 motherboards, it might help shine some light on the topic for you. There is even a threat in this very forum with a fantastic break down of the video.
  13. That's literally the exact build I made last November (except I went with Vega 56) haha. I upgraded mine to a 3700x, Gigabyte Aorus Master Mobo and Nitro+ 5700xt recently. Just ordered the CPU and mobo, should be in next week. I can tell you if there is any significant increase in performance if you'd like. (shoot me a PM so I don't forget) As it turns out, I also produce music haha. What kind of music do you produce? Are you using a lot of virtual instruments? or using digital audio? If you're using the virtual instruments, they can tend to be really RAM heavy, so it's good you have 32 Gigs. In terms of core counts and usage, it will depends on the plugins you use and how they are programmed, a lot of reverbs that I have tend to really take advantage of the multiple cores and threads. Since time based plugins tend to be the most demanding, along with pitch shifting, you should see an upgrade if you switch to a more modern Zen 2 architecture in your CPU. I actually don't use my AMD build in my studio, I have an Intel 7700k in my studio PC, and the 4 core 8 thread has never been overworked even with 100 tracks of audio running and quite a few plugins. I did get my 64 gigs of RAM to be about 80% utilized on that though. But if you're doing composing, and using a bunch of virtual tracks then you might have a different experience. Are you noticing that your PC can't keep up with your current projects?