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  1. As far as I know she was and still does random projects for LTT, accounts, ect
  2. I'm mostly using it as a FTP server, that's its main use, I just used nextcloud for flexibility in the future
  3. I thought it assigned those automatically since I haven't inputted them and I a the only one in the house who knows the gateway password, sorry if bothering but would external host be my external ip? Thanks
  4. I did it and trust me, it's very creepy about all the data they hoard about you
  5. I recently started digging into the Linux world and out of some old parts I created a server running nextcloud that can help me hoard more media. It automatically created these ports in my router Are these enough, and if yes, how can I connect to it? Thank you so much and sorry for asking such a stupid question but im new to network stuff
  6. Should we all just beg Linus?
  7. If they do it I'd definitley buy that. I recently found out about it and I love it. PLEASE @LinusTech, bring back the christmas album this year, unfortunatley no Nicky V but I'd love it if the OG LTT crew would do a 2020 version.
  8. Maybe I wasn't that clear, as you can see in the Windows 8 Ttile Bar the text is centered but as you most probabbly know the text in windows 10 is left aligned. Thanks
  9. I recently was on my old PC running windows 8 and I noticed that it had Centered Title Bar Text and I honestly now that I looked at it I honestly prefer it. Is there a way to center title Text on WIndows 10? As you can see in the Windows 8 Ttile Bar the text is centered but as you most probabbly know the text in windows 10 is left aligned.
  10. There is some specialised hardware, but it'll be very hard to find any. But Good Luck!
  11. What I noticed is that people keep telling @unobtainable10 to get an SSD. Although in most countries SSDs are cheap, in others they are quite expensive. Here is an example: https://www.scanmalta.com/shop/500gb-western-digital-blue-2-5-7mm-sata3-solid-st.html This is the cheapest 500GB SSD The most bang for the buck store has in Malta. Altough I could swing it. I don't blame people for using HDD. Especially if the stores rip them hard. And the worst pare is that shupping fir an SSD in my country (Malta) is aroing €35 at least.
  12. I agree. If a vlogger needed a cheap editing machine, they's be happy with an iPad. I gave one to my brother for his birthday because he recently started vlogging and he loved it. It's a better exprerience if you're starting on youtube but for real content (Like LTT ect) an fast desktop with servers for peak effiency definitley wins over an iPad with a 'Magic' Keyboard attachment