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  1. Glennstefani

    Cpu fan stopping

    Thanks alot for the fast replies.
  2. Glennstefani

    Cpu fan stopping

    Hi. I just upgraded my cpu from the ryzen 2700x to the 3900x. I plugged everything in, and I also upgraded my psu to a corsair RM 750x. I didn't have time to finish everything, but I started it up without a monitor and I noticed that the rgb fan lit up and started spinning. But then it would stop spinning every now and then. I know I should wait until I can start it with the monitor plugged in, but I got worried if there could be any issues. I did some Google searches and I read people talking about everything from psu to motherboard issues. Which got my worried. So if anyone could enlighten me I would be greatful. Thanks.
  3. Glennstefani

    Will my gpu bottleneck my cpu?

    Ok thanks. I've been thinking of getting a 1080ti, but feels a bit overkill since i just want to stream csgo.
  4. Glennstefani

    Will my gpu bottleneck my cpu?

    Thanks for the info
  5. Glennstefani

    Will my gpu bottleneck my cpu?

    I'm talking about the gpu not being able to keep up with the cpu, not the other way around
  6. Glennstefani

    Will my gpu bottleneck my cpu?

    Thanks my dude
  7. Hi. I'm about to update my 4 year old build a bit. But I'm a bit unsure if the gpu will bottleneck anything. AMD Ryzen 7 2700x MSI x470 gaming plus G.skill Trident z ddr4 GTX 1060 6gb I mainly plan on streaming csgo. Thanks