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  1. no it was way sillier,even though i had mp4 output the name of the exported file was m4v,bug or something! apparently m4v exports with the given codecs had this result!
  2. tuned!but its ok i found a solution while testing and changing settings!the solution was way easier than we though bro
  3. nice thought!i tried it but nothing still the same it does not tops out!
  4. nope not at all,it's the default one I think it's "fast"
  5. so tried many codecs but none seem to use 100% on 3900x,some maybe reach 90% and then drop..its not a thermal prob or anything is there a "trick" option i dont know or what?thnx
  6. hello,so with the AMD ryzen high power plan the PC does not even wake up from sleep with windows high power it wakes up and after 2 seconds it shuts down!does anyone have a clue?thnx
  7. so my aurous pro got me this message on the first startup before bios PCH FAN WARNING PCH fan was broken. please check the PCH fan the thing is the motherboards fan is working fine.. what's the deal? thnx
  8. thnx guys I found it out, just mounted the aio in front and installed 2 140mm on top
  9. so I got a cooler master h 500 and tried to install the x62 on top.. little did I know it only supports 240mm on top what can I do now? it's has 2 200mm in front how can I make it work thnx
  10. opening another topic hoping to finally get an answer about the improvements i can get from 3900x(mostly for gaming) 1-pbo and auto oc 2-ccd overclocking (is the extra frequency at one ccd worth it...voltage safe?) 3-just ocing all cores to the highest possible(hoping 4.3 with my mobo) 4-smt off(not a fan at all),just an option! thnx
  11. that's true but I don't know what's the best for manual tweaking
  12. what do you mean? the advertised clock is 4.6 to one core or two I think.. I don't think anyone is a able to achieve that.. only with ccd oc maybe 4.5 depending on the die
  13. hello so mostly for gaming(improvements) what will get me the best? i have seen all core oc probably 4.3(wont help a lot) or ccd overclocking that ive seen helped get 4.5 at six cores and 4.35 maybe to the other six or just oc the memory and is better to buy cl 14 3200 and oc it or get 3600 cl 16?thnx
  14. hello so in my country the 3900x is (combined with more expensive mobo) like 90 euros(99us) more expensive than the 9900k paired with an RTX 2080 SUPER 1440p 144hz monitor i will use the build for gaming (mostly) and autodesk maya and stuff im really back and forth but i dont know if the 3900x is worth the 90 euros more(in case i wont upgrade my 3200 ram to 3600) especially in gaming i have seen some really big differences! i dont know how the 9900k will perform in my renders (its still a HT 8 core) as i come from an 3770k! any suggestion or help?thnx