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  1. Budgetclocker

    Computer won't boot into Linux ISO

    Some background here: This computer is one that I have continually been frustrated with, and given its age, I decided to install Ubuntu Linux on it after wiping the SSD. This is an OEM, by the way. Gateway DX4300-15e if you're asking. It has been a sort of project computer for me since my parents got rid of it (not my main rig). I burned an Ubuntu ISO onto a blank DVD (I didn't have an empty USB drive sitting around to flash a disk image to) and attempted to boot. Instead of booting (yes, I did select the disk drive as the boot device instead of the SSD through the BIOS) it gave me a black screen, with a small thing at the bottom of the screen. It looked like a white stick figure and something else, I can't remember what. Can anybody explain why it didn't boot?
  2. Budgetclocker

    Direct Optical Fiber adapted to Desktop?

    I have been looking at the speeds advertised for different networks and the prices of the equipment for these respective networks, but I wondered: is there a way to connect an optical fiber connection directly to a desktop computer via some sort of expansion card? To clarify this, I want to know if it is possible to have an internet connection by an optical fiber cable connected directly to a network adapter card in the desktop.
  3. Budgetclocker

    Water Block for M.2 SSD?

    What software are you using for this?
  4. Budgetclocker

    Water Block for M.2 SSD?

    curiosity ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Budgetclocker

    Water Block for M.2 SSD?

    I understand that EK already made a heatsink designed for M.2 drives. Is there any other company out there selling specifically water blocks for M.2 drives?
  6. Budgetclocker

    Reuse drives from broken NAS?

    Using what you've said, I attached the drives to my computer with all the correct SATA plugs and whatnot. When booted up into the BIOS, these drives are detected and appear to be working as they should. When they boot into Windows, however, these two drives do not appear ANYWHERE in File Explorer or in the command prompt with this.
  7. Budgetclocker

    Reuse drives from broken NAS?

    Recently, my Synology DS209 broke. I have two 1 tb HDD inside, running RAID 1. I want to reuse the drives in my PC. Asus ROG Z370-E with SATA RAID support. Will the mobo recognize the RAID config or will I have to reconfigure it?
  8. Looking at the video JayzTwoCents did with 4 480mm radiators and a box fan, that got me thinking.: is it possible to adapt an automotive radiator to a PC watercooling custom loop? Would this be feasible and what problems would be expected with it?
  9. Budgetclocker

    Reservoir help

    I am building in an OEM PC case (gateway dx4300-15e) and have already picked out the radiator, block, fans, and fittings, but I need help finding a reservoir. Are there pump/res combos that fit in two 5.25” drive bays?
  10. Budgetclocker

    Nintendo 2DS SD Card Format Help

    Hello to all. Recently, I picked up a SanDisk Ultra UHS-I 128GB SDXC for my brother to expand his Nintendo 2DS storage (not the new 2DSXL). However, the file format is not able to work with the 2DS. The 2DS is programmed to work with FAT32 while the drive itself is pre-programmed to work with exFAT. Is there any program I can download (for free) to reformat this SD card to FAT32?
  11. Budgetclocker

    Ultimate Compact Titan XP Gaming PC 3

    When I try to buy it, it gives me a 404. Where do I buy this?