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  1. K1ng

    lookin for gaming headset

    im all about ASTRO A40 and above but mainly A40 you can grab refurbs of amazon and ebay for $35 roughly and all you need is a stereo 3.5mm to connect them to any pc. YES THEY HAVE REMMOVEABLE/REPLACEABLE CABLES But imho a A40 TR Mixamp is a great accomplice but not required. Running optical digital DTS from your pc to the dac then out to your headphones on pc imho is the best way to experience them. Yes senheizer are better headphones and corsair voids/steelseries are a cheap entry. BUT if you want to evolve your audio with a cheap entry and still have a competitive edge in GAMING A40 are still near the top of the list. My cream but not everyone crop per say. But the fact you can get a great headset in great condition used for $35 speaks volumes in price and also the demand. I dont see people looking for aged logitech headsets but people still buy gen1 refurb a40 for a reason. Second the Dac/Mixamp is a good investment on its own just because of its EQ filter profile ability and on top of that seperate audio source integration. You know a40's have a seperate set of headphones in them just for seperating voice from game audio. A COMPLETE different set that is indipendently controlled and inputed. So you can have the usb dac handle voice while your On board or Sound card handle in game via usb or optical digital. You have a PHYSICAL dial to adjust the balance between the two and a master volume. You have option for true dolby via a button and 4 pre loaded but changeable EQ presets. There are many positives but tbh the mixamp takes the cake. Any 3.5mm aux jack set of cans will work amazing with the mixamp which can be the most intregal part in a PC gamers set up. If you ever plan on streaming the ability alone for audio seperation is a must have. I can go on and on about the a40 but i can say there is not much you can type about many other headsets without sounding like a badly written pcmag review.
  2. K1ng

    When does "Click Bait" become libel?

    I think this sadly just comes down to a joint effect of apple itself and the general market consensus umbrella-ing the term virus into any exploit. Like anyone who can make a .bat file in 1999 was a hacker... Apple has "dummed down" the consumer intelligence of modern terms by just "streamlining" the os to a point a toddler cant mess it up. So in effect if they want to go after LTT for libel they have alot of ground themselves to cover on re-educating the market they prey on to the reality of what they say vs actual reality.
  3. K1ng

    Monitor not working...

    Glad to hear sorry i didnt reply sooner to help i had the flu and didnt even get on my pc for days. Pc can be weird sometimes. What i assume may have happened is the ram although not specifically compatible ryzen mobo typically have a method to test timings and speed until they find a compatible solution. It may have ended up finding one if you had tried to turn it on and just left it on for a really long time.
  4. So as the title says i have an issue where randomly Origin in game will not work and it will say it is disabled. I will still get all the pop up notifications but i cant click any of them even if i alt-tab. Then some times it will work just fine. I tried a ton of stuff like even using a cc cleaner software that EA even recommends (it hurt me a little inside to download that stuff and use a "registry cleaner"). I tried fullscreen vs borderless vs window mode in games. Nothing specifically fixed it but it just seems random when it will work and when it will decide to stop. Anyone else have this issue? Probably just an EA Origin issue and nothing i can do much about.
  5. K1ng

    Computer randomly shuts off

    not seeing an error just hdd smart is disabled. Overheating or bad power supply is most likely the cause for instant shut down. If the pc is off for a long time will it get further in boot? if so it is 99.9% heat related. Only other thought would be if he Overclocked the CPU too far and caused an issue there or the mobo but that is much less likely.
  6. K1ng

    Monitor not working...

    I got a few things you should test. First make sure you are already on the input on the tv before the pc is ON. Now take out the gfx card to test the onboard hdmi and see if you get anything there. If you do then you know your tv can accept the signal and your ram is good and cpu and mobo are properly booting. If not it still could be resolution issue but most modern mobo UEFI "bios" will display at resolutions dependent to the display. Either way if you get a picture or not then try again in the same fashion but with the video card. If you have a DVI to HDMI use that even some cards and pc on first boot want the dvi for some odd reason or it just is more likely to send the signal there faster. But test every hdmi(prob just 1 or 2) on the video card and just make sure you shut off the machine every time you switch the cable> if that doesnt work i would try to borrow another monitor to test but i would lean to checking your ram seating and make sure they are compatible and plugged in all the way. Ram issues often cause absolutely no display
  7. K1ng

    Need opinion on my Plan Build

    off top of my head a good build would be ryzen 2600 16gb ram and a gtx 1050 will do but the gfx card can be upgraded the cpu and ram will be plenty for that. Thats at least the budget option>
  8. K1ng

    Best 1440p 144 frames GPU

    The best gpu available will always be the best at any resolution. An RTX Titan or 2080TI will be the best at 1440p 144hz period. Same with 1080p and 4k. If you want the cheapest card out that can manage most games at that rate get a 1080 and even then in new games like apex legends a 1080 will not net you a steady 144fps even at all times. Personally i would never recommend anything less than a mid range gpu ex a 2070. Just due to lifespan and performance over time. But if you only have one game in mind or two and dont change games a 1060 or 2060 may be enough.
  9. It means in windows 10 if you are using it go to cortana and type in "Power" Edit power plan should show up. Click that then click Change Advanced Power Settings. there will be a drop down for balanced, high performance, and power saver. Choose Balanced if it is not selected. I know high performance may seem logical but that can cause issues on some pc and it is a good trouble shooting step for this issue.
  10. K1ng

    Netflix lag issue

    Honestly the conspiracy theorist in me just thinks they want you to use the app to bolster statistic numbers or it could easily be fixed. Also only other thing is alot of in browser streaming still like to use flash vs html5 i dont know why or how but that could be causing issues in newer browsers with legacy. Maybe if we found an old legacy browser that was supported in its state we could test.
  11. change your system power config to moderate Control panel/hardwareandsound/poweroptions
  12. K1ng

    How to Flash the bios with no display

    If the bios is really corrupted there may be no way to get a display period. Only hope would be if the mobo designers have a failsafe method/ dual bios/ or swap-able bios chip.
  13. K1ng

    random lights/display issues

    do you have rgb lighting it may be a bad board but i would try disabling any background effects software to start the troubleshoot. As far as the game minimize it may help but also do you run multiple monitor? Fullscreen or borderless window?
  14. K1ng

    Huge Fps Drops

    are you able to connect a second display or have a monitor on the back check cpu/gpu usage and temps also mem usage. I would suspect in this order you are getting Thermal Throttle GPU Thermal Throttle CPU GPU Memory overload and dump Physical Memory overload and dump Last but very unlikly i would say Power throttle due to battery of what looks like you are using a laptop heating and needing to cool due to it either draining fast or passing current while charge/feeding the device simultaniously HDD needing to do random reads and again only 8gb of mem leaves you using hdd for buffer. Even an old ssd may experience slow down if its running below sata3 spec or just barely at.
  15. K1ng

    Need opinion on my Plan Build

    yeah and a 2400g imo although a dec igpu if you want to game i would not rec unless you just want to play LOL as far as igpu have come. You can prob do csgo but even then 720p maybe at 60fps low settings i would be suprised if more. A gtx 750 at $50 would be a slightly better gpu and you could get a cheaper cpu and just 16gb of ram for a budget gaming rig. If its day to day again 16gb ram tops if its content then completely wrong cpu or again too much ram for whatever you would want to do with it.
  16. K1ng

    Netflix lag issue

    Just a question are you using in browser or the windows app? I have a similar prob with xfinity on a good rig yet on my phone it works fine and im sure if they made an app it would too. As do i have visual issues with the WWE network in browser no mater what browser i have tried but the app works great.
  17. NP that ram i posted is 1.2v as well. My main tip is try to find these things in closest relation to your current stick in order for best compatibitiy of course DDR4 is a given MAKE(GSkill) MODEL SPEED 2133 CAS (imo faster than current ram is better as it will be able to auto clock itself down than your other ram slowing) VOLTAGE although i doubt your 1.2v would be hurt even by 1.35 it is something i have never considered but im sure will be easy to find as we have already. Good luck i know stuff out in NZ and that area can be super expensive for pc parts. Wonder how much it is to buy in the US and ship to NZ than to just buy in NZ
  18. K1ng

    I need help please

    start back to what you did and try one ram stick at a time. I think you may have a bad ram stick that will def cause this issue. Or a bad ram slot try dif slots
  19. as long as you are not screwing with overclocks unlikely because they will want different things at different times and your mobo wont say feed just one 1.37v and the other just 1.34 for optimal use. But most ram is 1.35v and slight over stock will not hurt ram as they dont degrade with heat they actually run better to a point at hotter temps. Also main thing is check you mobo for rec slot for dual channel and single channel. I have a mobo that will NOT boot due to ram in the "wrong" slot config even if ram is just fine that can scare you after a purchase.
  20. K1ng

    Random shutdowns

    I Vote PSU and get a good quality one def 650w at least
  21. K1ng

    Games choppy despite decent build

    also if that doesnt work just use DDU Display driver uninstall or let gforce experience reinstall and do a clean driver install.
  22. K1ng

    Games choppy despite decent build

    go to nvidia control panel go to 3d settings and restore to default and disable other game individual game settings
  23. K1ng

    How to Flash the bios with no display

    Are you 100% its corrupted? What Motherboard?
  24. maybe but highly unlikely just get from a place with a dec return policy and make sure they fall in line with your mobo accepted even then mobo may take it i have mixed 8gb 3200mhz corsair doms 16cl with 14cl 3000mhz gskil Triz 4gb sticks
  25. https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/MEMCRU069100/Crucial-8GB-DESKTOP-DDR4-2400-MTs-PC4-19200-CL17-S