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  1. When I run Claymore 15 to mine ETH I can see temp,fan speed,power on RX580 on the same computer when I use a GTX1060 It wont display those details I did not make any changes to any of the files. How to get all the details to be displayed when using GTX1060 too RX580(Red Devil Golden Sample) GTX1060(Asus Strix DC2O6GG OC the model with 2 fans) EX: GPU0 t=00C fan=00% P=00W Total GPUs power consumption: 00 Watts
  2. I have a Corsair 460x RGB case and the stock 3XSP120 RGB fans are connected to the Corsair RGB hub -> which is connected to the 3 buttons. And those 3 buttons wont allow me to turn off/on LED when I want to. Is there a way to connect the Corsair RGB hub to my motherboard via RGB header or USB header or something and allow me to control the lighting from iCUE instead of spending a lot of money Commander pro/Lighting node pro/Lighting node core? Note: Motherboard is Z270 ROG Strix G Gaming it has only 12v 4 pin RGB headers
  3. what happens if i connect the Cooler rad fans on cpu and cpu opt fan header and pump on pump header and leave the built in fan cables from the pump not connected to anything? Is it bad? How to use my CPU and CPU opt and Pump header on my Asus ROG Strix Z270 G Gaming motherboard?
  4. I am planning to use a 1-3 fan splitter cable my fans are SP120 RGB(non pro) they have 3 pin cables so they are not PWM but I can still set up fan curve in DC mode in the mobo BIOS If I use the fan splitter and connect the 3 fans to one header will I be still able to control the fan speed(all 3 at once)
  5. I got the ones that came with the case it says 12v DC 0.30A So it shouldn't fry my mobo or fans I guess Thank you
  6. 1.But I have 2 Rad fans so I have to use cpu opt as well 2.If I do so I have only 2 header left and I have 3 intake and planning to add 1 exhaust so will it damage my motherboard instantly or in the future if I use all 3 fans into one header 3.Will the cooler work fine If I leave the two fan splitter kind of things that come out of the cpu block? or is ti mandatory to connect something to it?
  7. Is it fine to connect 3 X SP120MM corsair fan I believe it is 12V DC 0.3A on a single motherboard header using a fan splitter cable on my Z270 ROG Strix G Gaming motherboard because I have only 2 Fan headers it's a small motherboard and i have 3 fans on my Corsair 460x RGB case and also planning to add one more exhaust Also I have a corsair gtx100 v2 as per the manual should I connect the pump to the cpu header on the motherboard and connect cpu fans to the pump's built in fan splitters like things or should I connect the 2 radiator fans on cpu and cpu opt header and connect the pump to the pump header and leave the 2 fan splitter like thing that comes off the pump hanging around?
  8. I have a Sony MHC-RV8 (4.1) VACS. I need guidance to connect my computer with the MHC-RV8 and use the 4.1 Channel audio. I currently have connected it on MD(Video) mode and also tried with Game mode and connected with computer using 3.5mm to 2RCA . In my computer it shows as 2.0 but all the 5 output speaks(4 speakers and 1 subwoofer) are working but I do not see audio separation, Please assist what ways are available to use my it as true 4.1 form Computer input to MHC-RV8 output. Is there any cheap external device that I can use if there is no default options to use 4.1 channel audio? I don't know anything about audio My friend said I should replace the Unit with a different amplifier and use the speakers in 4.1 or 5.1(by adding any other speaker to them for Center channel) and connect it with my computer and use it? What amplifier should I buy or is there any other cheaper alternative? *It says 7000W PMPO I think the RMS is around 1000W Attached screenshot of the speaker specs
  9. I actually bought a computer from a colleague for a decent deal(Im form India so all PC parts are 50-100% overpriced) of around 700USD i5-7500, Asus Z270G Gaming, Corsair Force 480GB LE SSD, 1 TB WD HDD, Corsair 2x8GB LPX 2666 C16 RAM, Corsair RM650 80+ Gold PSU, Corsair 460X RGB Case(Only 3 front intake no rear exhaust), Some corsair 240mm rad I guess it's gtx100, Asus Strix(Dual fan card NOT the ROG triple fan) 1060-DC2OG *Ill use the 1060 for my Dad's PC and Ill use my RX580 Red Devil Golden in this Computer and Due to COVID-19 I Am unable to get the PC so i'm not sure about other stuff its 150kms away from me As it do not have an exhaust fan I thought of adding random cheap 120mm fan and if possible control the RPM of all the fans using one software somehow if possible And I like the RGB but in my current PC(Chiptronex Raptor RGB Old version) there is switch on the case that lets me turn off the RGB ane I leave the RGB mostly Off and rarely turn it on and my PC runs 24/7 It may be idle when I sleep but I don't turn off or put it on sleep so During night I do not want a triple RGB Night lamp so I want to find a way to turn it off easily on the new case
  10. If I do this for the additional fan will I be able to control its RPM or use any software to control all 4(3 stock and the extra cheapo 4pin fan) using a single software?
  11. Could you please share a picture or link to such adapter will it work on an Asus Z270G Gaming Motherboard?
  12. how to turn off case fans(0RPM) in corsair 460x rgb? how to turn off case fans RGB Lights(No Lights) in corsair 460x rgb? Can I add any cheap 120mm 4Pin PWM fan to the back of the case and connect it with the other corsair fans which is connected to the tiny black controller box(or is it proprietary)?
  13. Finally Used the below code in MSIAfterburner.oem2 file as per Tomatone from, Guru3D Forum and it worked now I can see my Voltages in MSI AfterBurner [VEN_1002&DEV_67DF&SUBSYS_2377148C&REV_??] ; RX580 8GB Red Devil Golden Sample Desc = RX580 8GB Red Devil Golden Sample VDDC_IR3567B_Detection = 6:08h VDDC_IR3567B_Output = 0
  14. Could you please help me find the Voltage controller name I think it can help me get the core voltage readings
  15. Yes im using AMD RX580 so do I have any options to see those arrows? if its only for Nvidia cards whats so special about those arrows what do they mean?