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  1. Roudy sahmarani

    Is it safe to slide the voltage to 100%?

    i want to ask is this fluctuation in clock gonna impact on my performance and fps in games?
  2. Roudy sahmarani

    Is it safe to slide the voltage to 100%?

    it will not do anything
  3. Roudy sahmarani

    Is it safe to slide the voltage to 100%?

    Hey to all thank you for your reply but what is the problem with the overclock that i have made my card when idle is at 2113mhz i have made a 225+ on the core and 500+ on the memory but when the card begin to rise in temp the clock is jow 2100 and after the card hit aboit 55 degree it will be at 2088mhz and at 60 will be 2075mhz and with each increment in temp the core clock will downclock why is that should i make something so the card will stay always at 2100mhz or 2088mhz? This is the settings i am running at
  4. Is it safe to slide the core voltage to 100% on nvidia gtx 1070 founders edition?
  5. Guys i don't know what is the temp limit sloder in afterburner? And what it is used for? And will it make any difference if slided to the max or if it is left normal at 83 degree and thank you.
  6. Roudy sahmarani

    Is it normal for the gpu core clock to fluctuate?

    Not that much but sometime yes it is reached i am checking it in hwmonitor and in the grqph of afterburner
  7. Roudy sahmarani

    Is it normal for the gpu core clock to fluctuate?

    Thank you.
  8. Roudy sahmarani

    Is it normal for the gpu core clock to fluctuate?

    So is this normal?
  9. I am very satisfied with the overclock of my gtx 1070 i have seen a great boost in performance assassin's creed odyssey went from 31 fps tp 39 fps because i am playing it on very high settings with display plus 200% anyway the main question is i am testing my card for stability using msi kombustor and i am not seeing any problem or artifacts scanning but what i am seeing is that the clock of tje gpu are fluctuating is this normal or no? It is going up and down between 2037, 2050 , 2062 and 2088 mhz is this normal or no i have put the power to max 112% no core voltage change and the temp is 66 degree at max with a fan curve incrementing 10% with every 10 degree increase. The gpu load is between 68 and 65%. I am very thankfull to everyone who has helped this noob person. Nb: i have overclocked the card like this: Power limit max at 112% Core clock +225mhz Memory clock +500mhz Temp limit leave it at 83 degree.
  10. Roudy sahmarani

    What about the power limit?

    Hello i have a gtx 1070 founders edition overclocked to 220mhz on core clock and 500mhz on memory clock i didn't play with voltage only normal overclock but i don't know of i should max out the power limit or no and what does the power limit slider do and will it behave better if maxed out with an overclock like this?
  11. Thank you my friend but if the card is so powerfull why is the need to overclock if playing at 60hz monitor and on 60 fps avg
  12. Hello guys i din't understand the benefit of overclocking is it more for games or for benchmark scores? Why is everyone overclocking when it is only getting 4 or 5 fps in the cards that are new like the 1070 and 1080. Is overclocking more tending for benchmark and beating score other than for games fps?
  13. If i don't save the profile it will make the fan curve start when windows boot
  14. If i have set a fan curve and make afterburner start with windows and start minimized and didn't press the startup botton on afterburner will the fan curve be applied or no? And if i have pressed it what will it do? This is the botton