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  1. I have solved the problem it was something with my ram or my gpu i have removed both of them and cleaned the gold parts using a rubber and used the compressed air to clean the slots and this solved the problem.
  2. hello guys i have a very strange problem my pc was working great until now, i was able to play games and start windows normally but after i have left it for a month now the screen 99% of the time will give me no signal and i don't know why if i restart the pc or shut it down directly from the case after many times it will start and work normally and flawlessly so what is the problem this is getting me sick really and thank you. my specs are: ryzen 5 1600x nvidia gtx 1070 founders edition 16 gb ddr4 ram 2666mhz hyper x 2tb hdd toshiba silverstone strider power essention 600w psu my screen is an AOC 22E1H screen
  3. The maps are downloaded even without a permission so what is the need of storage permission i can download maps without storage permission it didn't ask me to give storage permission while downloading maps it only ask for permission when i open the game before the login page
  4. Hello guys i have updated pubg mobile today and when i opened it it said it need permission to access the storage but before it was working fine should i enable the permission or no and thank you i have a galaxy note 9. And one more thing if i click on deny to give permission the game will open normaly so what to do any help will be appreciated.
  5. Thank you guys for the answer really helped me alot
  6. Thank you my friend and my pc performance are very good i have a gtx 1070 with r5 1600x and 16gb ddr4 ram 2666mhz so no probpem with the parts of my pc nd i was only concerned about the steam
  7. Hello guys i have purshased the pubg pc version from steam before that inwas playing games without steam but pubg need steam to be opened so will this make any game that i have lag or impact performance of my games and one more thing when i play i close steam completely i only open it to play pubg and thank you. And btw how to remove the overlay that show when i open the game the onenthat say press shift+tab to access steam communiy.
  8. Because i dont habe more money my friend dont be rude if you dont know the reason
  9. Hello guys i want to know if i need to put the pubg dvd everytime i want to play the game on pc or is it a one time install and play after without putting the dvd? And thank you
  10. i have 2 front intake fans and 1 exhaust in top and 1 exhaust on back with a msi core frozr l cooler for cpu so i don't think this is the problem
  11. I have the asus mobo a320m-a motherboard and the latest drivers installed
  12. Hello i need your advice i have installed the latest chipset from asus website before installing the games where running smooth but after installing the chipset my games had begun to stutter why is this? Should i uninstall the old chipset and install the new one and then update my graphic card driver again? And should i update again my bios and thank you. My pc has a gtx 1070 and a ryzen 5 1600x with 16gb of ddr4 2666mhz ram so i should not be stuttering in games that where running smooth and thank you.
  13. Hello guys i want your help i want to know how to remove the registered intelligent scan on my note 9 and thank you.