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  1. Pi31415

    Rate my setup -specs

    I mean you're a professional mean girl, so all you can do is be rude ig
  2. Pi31415

    Rate my setup -specs

    Ik, I accidentally ended up with a 2x8 2400mhz kit and I just went ahead and overclocked it, I just bought the same brand but in black and 2x8 which is why I have 24 gigs of ram. Overclocked to 2800mhz I think it should be fine
  3. Pi31415

    Rate my setup -specs

    Overclocked it, and its fine!! How can I improve? This is a joke right?
  4. Pi31415

    Rate my setup -specs

    Why so?
  5. Rate my setup !! Ryzen 5 1600 24 Gigs DDR4 2400mhz ram oced to 2800mhz RX 580 8Gb MSI Gaming X Cooler Master AiO ML240R 4 hard drives and 1 ssd Cougar mx 330 CX500m Corsair PSU I put some work into this, how is it overall?
  6. Pi31415

    When do you upgrade

    I upgrade the weakest point of my system ever paycheck
  7. Pi31415

    Experiences with non-techies

    Half these stories are made up now
  8. Pi31415

    How much of a improvement will I be seeing?

    So its a stable system overall?
  9. Pi31415

    How much of a improvement will I be seeing?

    I overclocked my ram up to 2800mhz? if that's fine. I also would like you to test a couple games for me if you can, beamng drive mainly...
  10. Pi31415

    How much of a improvement will I be seeing?

    I'm gonna completely void everything you said. Advice from a person who doesn't know what a 2200g by name like that shouldn't be giving out advice, and I'm gonna guess you own the i5 6600K, I'm no way in fucking hell switching to Intel, not only do I hate Intel but Zombieload and all these security flaws don't cut it for me, I also do not want to upgrade and change motherboards. I might go with a 1600 and call it quits.
  11. So currently I have a 2200g with a gtx 1050ti g1 graphics card. Now this card has been turning off and on (display signal) and doing some funky stuff and the stutter is bad, I'm pretty sure it's coming from the GPU, and not the CPU? GPU or not I would like to get rid of my 1050ti and pair it with my old FX 6300 and turn it into an entertainment center for my family or an encoding PC for myself to stream with. Today I bought a RX 580 8gb Gaming X from MSI on ebay thats brand new. I compared the graphics cards and came out with a 82% better performance in the RX 580 over the 1050ti. Would I be seeing a performance increase? Should I upgrade my CPU? If so, would a 1600 work? I'm also wondering if a 2x4 2400 mhz would work with 2x8 2400mhz same timings and everything, just curious of negative impacts.
  12. no i was suggesting that
  13. I did a oopsy and spliced off the usb male connection off of my usb to Ethernet adapter. Now I know that the adapter is cheap and could buy one off of eBay for 2 dollars but the thing is, I don’t have 2 dollars... So I need to help, I have a usb male to usb male 2.0 wire and I’m wondering if I would desolder the wire off of the adapter and put the new wire on, would it work as long as it has all the wires? And also can someone link me a pinout so I know what I’m doing, I’d really appreciate it if it was color coded too since I’m pretty retarded when it comes to this. Thanks!
  14. Pi31415

    Parents PC

    a fx 6300, a gtx 560, and 8 gb of ddr3 ram lol