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  1. Challenger525533

    PSU Fan + Static Noise? (Dumb question)

    Yeah, I dont plan on upgrading in the near future. What I have at the moment is fine (with the exception of the psu...duh). If I were to upgrade, I'd probably be updating most of the components anyways (cpu + (maybe new supported mobo depending on choice of cpu), gpu, psu to support new requirements, maybe (probably not) ram).
  2. Challenger525533

    PSU Fan + Static Noise? (Dumb question)

    Might go for the nonmodular since I still have an ATX mid tower case with a basement (so cables shouldn't be blocking airflow too much. Extras staying under basement). Modular cables aren't really necessary for me. And yeah, I'm not trusting my friend for this stuff...ever...(again at least). Thanks for everything.
  3. Challenger525533

    PSU Fan + Static Noise? (Dumb question)

    Wait, they only need 450w? Well...that's nice to know...apparently the estimate i was given beforehand was way off. Guess refund it is then...thanks for the help. And if I am getting a new psu, might go for one of the Corsair units. Heard they're pretty good, yes?
  4. This is probably a dumb question, but I got an EVGA B1 600W rather recently (maybe a week ago?), which I've heard was a hit or miss "starter psu", and after using the self tester thing when I first got it, it sounded practically silent (given there is nothing attached to it). After a week of using it with my pc (Pentium G4560 + GTX 1050 are the two major components), the psu seems to already have a fan whirring noise even after detaching all the cables (similar to car engine noise when idle...but much quieter) as well as some static noise (I dont believe it is coil whine though). Is this normal on most psus? Thanks in advance.
  5. Challenger525533

    One fan ok?

    Well, after everything (including some benchmarks), I decided to go for a 1 intake 1 exhaust setup for now, but will probably get more fans in the future. Should be ok for now.
  6. Challenger525533

    One fan ok?

    So, from 2 fans to 1 fan, theres about a 2-4 degree difference in CPU temperature (from 28-31 to 30-33) and the GPU is about a 3-4 degree difference (26-27 to 29-30). This is with all panels (front panel, side panels, etc) installed. This is based off HWMonitor and only when I have it and 2 browser tabs open (as well as some background processes.)
  7. Challenger525533

    One fan ok?

    Edit: Just noticed woodenmarker's post. Yeah, I'll give it a shot. I have a spare fan lying around here that could work. Also 3 pin though and is a bit noisy.
  8. Challenger525533

    One fan ok?

    So I got the Phanteks Eclipse P350X recently, and apparently it only came with one 3 pin fan. The fan has been preinstalled in the rear exhaust slot, but I was just wondering if I should aim for a second fan for intake or if one would be fine for a Pentium G4560 + GTX 1050 system (and no, I don't intend to overclock anything). I know very well that some quality fans aren't too expensive for the setup. Thanks in advance.
  9. Challenger525533

    Static noise near cpu

    So after unplugging and plugging in CPU power again and moving cable away from aforementioned area, noise still remains. I never really checked this in the past and realized it just now as I was checking to see if everything was alright. If it has been like this for what would be 1 year now, either I've never noticed this problem until now or it's not a concern. Not quite sure.
  10. Challenger525533

    Static noise near cpu

    It's been off since I marked this as "solved" just to prevent further issues. None of the cables seem to be frayed or damaged in any way, but I do have the CPU power cable running near aforementioned area, but not right on top of it. May or may not be a problem?
  11. Challenger525533

    Static noise near cpu

    Otherwise...if that's the case...thanks for the help.
  12. Challenger525533

    Static noise near cpu

    It definitely gets louder when moving mouse. I can really only hear it within 6 ish inches of the area though. I could see why it sounds similar to (or is) coil whine.
  13. Challenger525533

    Static noise near cpu

    I'm not sure if this is normal or not, but on the "back" of the motherboard (side that doesnt have gpu, CPU cooler, etc), I can hear a relatively tiny static noise near the cpu area. Is this normal or is something wrong? Just curious. Thanks in advance.
  14. Challenger525533

    New build requires F1 to boot into Windows

    The message mentions something about saving memory settings in the bios. I dont think it has to do with boot order.
  15. Challenger525533

    16gb ram or 32gb ram

    I'd agree with the 16. You mentioned that you were a streamer, so maybe if you did decide to become a freelance video creator + editor, you could make it 32gb. Even then, 16gb is plenty.........for now.