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  1. no but with my older mboard i had the b450 chipset drives and still bsod
  2. yes i tryied on my older mboard and had issues
  3. so u are saying that the cpu is bad ?
  4. and the bsod stop code is :page fault in nonpaged area and more diffrent ones but i dont remeber them
  5. So i am getting bsod while installing windows 10 Pc specs cpu:ryzen 5 3600 gpu:gtx 1050 ram:curcial ballistix 8gb 2x4kit psu:gamemax 700ge mboard:msi b450m mortar max i was getting blue screens so i decided to replace the mboard still the same bsod issue i did a memtest86 no errors , i tried diffrent hard drive, still the same shit . pls help me i am trying to deal with this issue over 2 weeks
  6. i rember only this one also after the last bsod i am stuck in a boot loop
  7. So i did a build this summer. The specs are -cpu ryzen 5 3600 -gpu msi gtx 1050 -ram 8gb ddr4 2x4 kit -psu 700w 80 plus gamemax ge series -mboard asrock b450m steel legend so after i did this build in autumn is getting constant bsod i was turning on my pc and after 5-7 mins i will get a bsod i tried difrent hard drives i did a memtes86 no errors i tried one stick of ram and it still happend and then i did i bios update and was working perfectly no bsod until now so i decided to do another bios update and it didnt work i had all the drivers installed i was still getting them so i reinstalled windows and i had the same problem i did a memtest86 still no errors and idk what to do can the mboard be bad ?
  8. yeah i have the ram installed in the 2 and 4 slots and i tried with xmp on and off
  9. yeah sorry i forget to mention that i build it myself this summer and it worked very well till now
  10. my specs are Mboard: asrock b450m steel legend CPU:ryzen 5 3600 gpu:gtx 1050 ram:8 gb 2x4 kit crucial ballistix sport psu:gamemax ge 700w 80 plus i also tried on other drives and still getting bluescreens
  11. So today i got to turn on my pc and start getting blues creens after 10-5 mins and then i got another one and imi stuck in a boot loop . should i replace my mboard ? cuz i did memtest86 0 error and all the drivers are installed and reinstalled windows for at least 5 times also can the psu be a problem ?