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  1. I think I'm going to let my box fold all winter just to heat the garage...single cpu + V100 should do fine.
  2. Well...good news and weird news. The V100's aren't dead! But they won't run FAH 7.5.1...i'm sure its a bug I need to report but at this point its running on 7.4.4 so i'm not going to complain.
  3. Well...looks like my V100's are either failing or incompatible with my hardware I have on hand. 2699v4 on SM x10-SRL = BSOD, 6800k on MSI x99a = BSOD...gonna take them to work and try on some newer cores see if there is something wonky going on. Same x99a is working with a titanXP perfectly fine...so I have to believe the board and proc and memory are fine.
  4. Yeah cards are cool to the touch, have around 30CFM going through them with a forced blower for each card.
  5. Tried a clean install, got it to start to fold again but almost immediate BSOD, i'm going to switch to linux to see if its just the OS being fuckity or if the hardware actually has problems.
  6. Any ideas as to what would cause a system that was previously folding well to just start throwing BSODs pointing to nvlddmkm.sys? Known good cpu, memory, board, psu, and theoretically the TESLA cards should be good still as well.
  7. Coming back around again...might have more firepower this time around.
  8. They are sitting at around 1.9-2.2M per day each, the best part is that each card uses around 100W to do that.
  9. Just a lowly X10 + 2699v4 + 128GB ECC 2400 and 2x 32GB V100's.
  10. When your folding parts are just your "extra" server parts...
  11. I missed the BOINC thing last time (in the middle of moving and such...) but I won't miss this folding sprint.
  12. If anything, highlighting that the spectrum has EVERYONE on it means that more people may feel better about talking about it.
  13. @seoz Nothing wrong with not wanting to delid and blow a warranty on something. My current rig is an 8700k that is not delidded and save for some crazy AVX workloads it only touches 70-75C on hottest core when full load.
  14. I've already achieved my "goal" of getting into the top 100 for LTT folding. I am still going to keep going, I just reached the goal a few weeks early