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  1. OMG linus you really did not need to kill this sorry man that one is on you not the oil (as everyone already knows). Sorry to be repeating what people have said, but you should have given both the graphics card and the motherboard a clean with spirits or even specialized PCB cleaner which is what I use now. So firstly, the dust collected by the oil can turn into a conductor again had to be washed off and second you killed the graphics card because you did not clean and reapply thermal paste and padding. Now I get to why I came across this video to begin with and why I wanted to make a post about it. I am fairly disappointed about how easily you guys gave up on the whole project. I was hoping to see some more serious overclocking tests and better cooling of the oil to come. I have had my oil cooled rig since like mid 2012. Mobo hasnt changed yet still got my ASUS MAXIMUS IV with i7 2600k. GPU wise, I had 2 X GTX560Ti in it, one of which still works now in another system and the other one went missing. Now I have 2 X GTX780Ti Classy in it (still). I had done a fair bit of experimenting with that system. to get better temps first of all I have better oil cooling and second most important thing is I went to thermal padding. Thermal paste is useless in this situation and you can't go liquid metal because the oil will wash it off onto the PCB, so eventually I got my hands on thermal padding from Fujipoly, but it is hard to find. My oil cooling can cool the oil down to ambient and even below using a pump that can circulate the tanks contents in just about minute to 2 and a radiator with blower fan from a toyota camry climatecontrol system, it's controlled by a thermal relay controller (from chineEbay) so that only runs on demand . Now however I was planning on rebuilding the system. All new components and need to find new thermal padding solution where I was hoping you guys could help with advice, I see coollaboratory have this liquid metal pad which looks intriguing just without any real data about it besides size and weight. The plan btw is to go subzero on the oil temp as well using an A/C,by directly submerging the evaporator and running the condenser outside. I hope you guys pick on that topic some time again and maybe even make another kool build and hopefully you are not so scared of the oil next time... i recon it was funny how you did the whole thing with the garbage bags and overprotecting everything instead of just going head on like usual