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  1. I have a dell 5676, the gaming inspiron desktop with the Ryzen 7 2700, 32gigs DDR4 2400 mhz, RX 580 4 gig founders, WD Black 256 NVMe SSD boot, WD Blue 1TB 2.5 SSD, Toshiba 1 TB 7200 RPM HDD. Two Dell (D2719HGF) monitors. I have been having some issues with the monitors as well as the PC. The monitors will act weird when I open certain programs and recently I updated it and then the next day it restarted wrong and would not repair windows and would not let me re install it. In legacy mode or UEFI
  2. I have two 6 ft cable matters DP 1.4 cables that do lock
  3. I have a dell Ryzen based 5676 with the ryzen 2700, 32 gigs of ram, and a Refrance RX 580 4 gig. I have this plugged into two Dell 144 hz TN D2719HGF monitors through a display port 1.4 Cable. I am having some issues when opening certain windows and programs for some odd reason. While I am playing a game if I try to alt tab to another window on my other monitor they start flickering and lines appear on the displays or when I open settings or a video from a file and close the windows. If I power one of the monitors off and back on this problem goes away I have the most up to date drivers on both monitors and the GPU. Please help.
  4. It would not let me use Ryzen Master it would open sometimes , but when I tried to change the multiplier that system Crashed.
  5. I have done quite a few cinebench runs and it says at 100% but at 3.2 ghz and used a stress test
  6. My bad Yes I fixed it lol thank you for all your help! I still am not sure why my 2700 won't boost it stays at the base clock of 3.2
  7. It boots to support assist then to the I have an option to go to the BIOS. I have tried just about everything just tried Legacy Boot and got to the windows start screen!!
  8. I have tried I have windows on a USB and it won't let me boot to it
  9. It was an option that was supposed to restore windows
  10. I do it only has one hard drive installed right now my ssd will be here tomorrow
  11. It was restoring windows then it just stopped and it will only let me into the bios or dell support assist where it trys to test the hardware
  12. I already cleared the drive and it is restoring windows I just got it so not many important files on my drive just yet. I also am going to install a new boot drive on friday or this weekend so it doesn't really matter if I lose my files. I do have another question how do I Clone a drive ? or just do a fresh install on the SSD
  13. I just got a dell 5676 that has a Ryzen 2700 16 gigs of ddr4 2400 with an Rx 580 and a 1 tb spinning hdd. I had downloaded a couple of games and ryzen master which I was having an issue getting it to work when I did I tried to overclock it a tad and it restarted. I tried to reinstall it again and tried to barley overclock it and it shut down and wouldn't post and was getting repair errors what should I do ?? I just got this pc??