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  1. If I have raid 0 set up from wich ssd should I boot in bios
  2. Hey, I have currently a 1 TB hard drive but it is super slow and I collecting money to upgrade my pc. I am thinking to buy 2 M.2 of 240 GB each as it is the best M.2 deals I am getting (I live in India) I am thinking to run them in raid 0 but I don't know How can I clone my hard drive to M.2 and then boot from it. One more Question If I make raid 0 in windows then what will show up in bios. I mean does bios also think that they are same drive.
  3. Can you please tell me what it is. Thanx
  4. I once give access to my computer to my friend after he used it whenever I boot it it shows me this. When I press escape it become normal. I am afraid that it might be virus or someone watching me.
  5. I am not kidding go to the video and it by yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3i0XCn3HhNo=12s
  6. Quit amazon for 1 day (every lmg employee)
  7. Those who dont know i asked linus about making a video on apple and india
  8. Again its not about me it is about apple seeing profit and what are your thoughts on iPhone x and iPhone xr