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  1. I think Linus mentioned in one of their videos that putting anything Apple in the title gets them more views, hence the frequent mentions of iPhones, MacBooks and such even if the review has nothing to do with Apple products in and of itself. At the end of the day you can't blame a business for optimizing their content in a way that allows them to make more money. I understand your complaint as well, but then I suppose it's a matter of either being understanding of these practices or simply stopping to follow, which is of course reasonable if you don't enjoy their content anymore.
  2. Literally the same holds true for German cars. Here in Germany a lot of people own a German car, while they're only selling the upper-level models in the US, hence supporting the luxury image over there. And in my experience, they're fairly reliable. I've only had German cars and none of them had any major issues.
  3. I disagree. Regardless of whether we're talking about German, Italian or British cars, while they're admittedly expensive, you mostly get what you're paying for. A Mercedes E class feels leagues above most other cars on the road in terms of comfort, ride quality and general luxury. A C63S on the Autobahn? That thing is a fucking freight train, it never stops pulling, even beyond 250 kph. Now, are the options overpriced? Definitely. And do you really need an E class to get around town and go grocery shopping? Of course not. But if you value what they offer, most manufacturers offer fantastic cars nowadays, especially Mercedes. And I say this as someone who dailies a sports car and couldn't care less about luxury.
  4. Definitely not exclusively for Russian channels, the German satire channel "heute show" has a similar information reading "ZDF is a German public broadcast service" (see below).
  5. I think most of Linus's gripes with the Apple Watch (like the Google Mail problem) are issues that the respective developer of the software has to address, not Apple. Using the default mail client on the Apple watch, I can read full mails just fine. Another prominent example of this is WhatsApp, which doesn't have a client for the Apple Watch. That's not Apple's fault though, Telegram offers one, so it's clearly doable. Other than that I liked the review. The 11 Pro seems like a great device, albeit at the usual Apple premium price. Still bummed about the loss of 3D Touch, though. I'll admit it had limited usefulness, but it had so much potential. The only thing they would've had to improve was discoverability.
  6. I don't really understand what Google is trying to achieve with the Pixel line-up, anyway. They're not competitive enough to gain any sort of considerable market share on either end of the price spectrum, and it always seems as though their hardware comes with a big questionmark while still costing as much as their premium competitors. This just seems like icing on the cake that is a lack of any concrete vision for the product. If it's not even tightly integrated on the software side, what is its selling point?
  7. I love dogs, but they come with the inherent problem of being a pretty high-maintenance pet. For a single or even a two person household working normal full-time jobs, it's really tough to manage having one. That being said, I'd still prefer having a dog over a cat, I just feel like they're giving you back more than a cat typically would.
  8. This is the first time I'm remotely interested in a Call of Duty title and then they're coming up with such ridiculous numbers for their storage requirements. I honestly wouldn't mind if Germany would finally do something about the terrible network infrastructure over here. Having 16 Mbits was okay back in 2009, but ten years later, I have to buffer 4K content to watch it and it takes me literal days to download games that don't come with any sort of CD.
  9. As far as I can tell, it is. It's used in Germany too, though you will often find sellers specify the size in centimeters as well.
  10. If you're using Chrome on a Mac you're doing it wrong, anyway. Nowadays it's Firefox or nothing.
  11. Just another reason to go for Firefox. I genuinely like Safari for a lot of its unique features, such as link preview with the trackpad, but this is straight up unacceptable. I might even start donating to Mozilla, they're the only ones doing great independent work in the browser market.
  12. This is such a pointless comparison. Steve Jobs lived in an age when smartphone and notebooks alike weren't where they are now. The product lines have become stagnant over the past few years, so even if Steve Jobs were still alive, he wouldn't be able to present a revolutionary new feature every year. I don't think anyone doubts that the guy was immensely capable when it comes to marketing, but people need to stop worshipping him as though he invented every major technological breakthrough during his lifetime.
  13. Meanwhile, we have climate protests in Germany. This is one of the times I'm jealous of the US.
  14. I think the majority of people severely misunderstand Apple and just how important they are for a competitive market. The iPhone is expensive because unlike the majority of their competitors, they're not just building a phone and slapping a third-party operating system on there. They're developing and maintaining an entirely separate OS, an entirely separate cloud infrastructure and an entirely separate suite of apps to go along with it. All of that costs money. Severely more money than just getting the latest ready-to-deploy version of Android, pre-installing Microsoft Office and making the user sign up for Google Mail. It makes sense for their products to be expensive, because they inherently have more work to do with new releases than any of their Android competitors (outside of Google). With them being the only real competitor to Google in the market of mobile operating systems, their role is a tremendously important one. Google's near monopoly in the web browser market has already shown that they're willing to abuse the power they've been given. Of course there are problems with Apple's products, and of course people are rightfully mad at Apple for some of their questionable decisions in the past (such as what they did in regards to the right to repair). But they're an important player and, as of today, the only one preserving your chance to choose which mobile operating system you'd like to use. Even if you'll always be using Android, they're the only ones pushing Google to innovate, so even if you're never even considering an iPhone, you're benefitting from their participation in the market.
  15. If we're talking about restricting smoking in public places, I think we're in a good spot already. I don't know how it is elsewhere in the world, but here in Germany smoking isn't allowed in restaurants. When I was in Japan there were designated smoking areas as well (though I think it might be allowed indoors?). Might not be perfect, but even as a non-smoker, I think it's a good compromise.