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  1. help me how? my paypal is permanently limited ive called them many times and they cant do anything about it. once its permanently limited your banned from paypal forever unless you make a new one with all new info like new bank. CC. SSN etc.. or buy a stealth paypal account from those hacking websites. no shit Sherlock. but I don't care about $25 as you can see by the thread I care about a kid scamming and wanted to see if there was anyway to report them so they can't anymore. I believe in working for money not taking it from people who do. only kids like you care about money more then trying to stop a scammer from scamming. im sure if that kid got a letter in the mail or email about being investigated for fraud they would stop what they are doing.
  2. shmoochie

    Help me not get scammed

    well then you are not very good at talking to support agents.
  3. shmoochie

    Help me not get scammed

    for warranty you just don't tell the manufacturer you bought it used and its fine, say it was a gift so you don't need to show a receipt or POP ask for pics with time stamps and pay with paypal only , even if it is a scam he can take the money and run but you will still get your money back just the paypal he is using will go negative.
  4. shmoochie

    Afterburner gone wrong

    can you just take out the GPU go in and change it? or will it not let you change it if you don't have the GPU in.
  5. shmoochie

    Selling s7 edge

    i know in USD they go for like $100-$150 used. at least on local selling apps like ioffer
  6. read the replies they exist for a reason I already said, I got scammed selling on ebay and didn't paypack the money for a long time so they banned my account, i eventually paid it off but it didn't help, I lost money + items + seller fees I was made to pay.
  7. shmoochie

    Should this be removed?

    if you want to i guess
  8. people on reddit care so much about their rep its funny, i have an account from like 2015 ive never used and I make one comment and all I get are replies saying I have no karma so what I say doesn't matter at all, I have no idea wtf karma even in on reddit.

    its probably how no lifes measure dick size

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    2. shmoochie


      what I said was correct but I got attacked just for having no karma. even a mod on the thread said I was correct.

    3. imreloadin


      Then go out and get some freakin karma bro!

    4. shmoochie


      I don't use reddit, its probably one of the worst forum type websites ive ever come across. I just made an because my friend asked me to years back, used it again because what I was trying to look up on google took me to it.


      I think just people who are online a lot in general care too much about internet points. because its the only thing in their life they have they can value.

  9. I can't use paypal even If i wanted to, they have all my info, CC, bank, name, SSN, address, if I try to make a new account with any of this info that account gets locked/I can't even add my card and bank to it. id have to switch my bank, where I live and use a fake SSN to use paypal again, I buy a ton of stuff with bitcoin and never had issues in the past. ive had more issues with scams using paypal then I have bitcoin.but I have only been using bitcoin for about 1 year and this is my first time being scammed on it.
  10. shmoochie

    Linus Sebastian Podcast

    they have a thing called the WAN show
  11. yes just reinstall windows, back up all files you need, its best to just wipe your drive clean then start over, then import backups
  12. shmoochie


    good luck with this, if you have an specific issues you run into feel free to ask but a site like wordpress is really straight forward.
  13. I wish it was that easy. I asked her how it broke and she just gets mad. I swear she breaks when watching Netflix on her phone in bed and bends its way to far or pulls on it and over time it breaks it. I even superglued it and she cracked the glue in half.
  14. ive had cheap things that lasted way longer then other cheap things before. my gf snaps them at the neck somehow so I wont spend a ton of money on a cord thats just going to get broken again. they don't like longer then a month in my house.
  15. cables, to me thats what charges it. the brick just lets you plug it in