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  1. Python is pretty easy and also useful
  2. Well...Linux is a Unix clone, according to Wikipedia. They're related.
  3. OS X/macOS is based upon UNIX, not LINUX. Linux is also based upon Unix.
  4. Probably, depends upon the game/application of course
  5. You just need to upgrade your graphics card, your CPU is perfectly fine.
  6. A 14 or 15 inch laptop sounds right for you, I have a 15 inch HP laptop and, for my needs it's a bit much, but for what you're doing that sounds about right.
  7. Batch is a horrible language to start with. You don't learn how to properly format your code, you don't learn object-oriented programming, and the knowledge you get from learning batch is not easily applicable to other programming languages. I started with Python, you can't go wrong with it. Javascript is another solid choice as well, since it's huge for web development.
  8. Nope that stuff will stay, but I wouldn't recommend downgrading to iOS 4 because it is a very old OS and it's gonna be very insecure
  9. We can't help you if you don't post the code. Use code tags.
  10. I would go for an Athlon X4 and a discrete GPU
  11. If you want a book that teaches Python 3, Think Python is a great option. If not, the only major difference between Python 2 and Python 3 is in their print statements.
  12. For learning python I would suggest Learn Python the Hard Way or Think Python. I've tried learn C the hard way, and it is very well done. It truly teaches you how to program, not just syntax (which is really what Codecademy does). I've also read a significant amount of Think Python and it is an excellent book as well.
  13. This goal is extremely ambitious, and that's awesome, but it's not feasible (in the way you described) as others have said in this thread. If you want to fully realize this dream of yours, you should get a college degree in game development, not computer science. Then, you could work at game studios and built up experience. Eventually you could start your own game studio and create your game. This isn't impossible to do, but you can't do it by yourself.
  14. codecademy.com Learn Python the Hard Way TheNewBoston's Python tutorial on youtube 3 great options. See what works for you, everyone learns differently
  15. It's not a perfect analogy, but I think you understand what I'm trying to say. If not, my bad.
  16. I would call, but you're not a horrible human being if you don't. It's kinda like finding money on the ground when nobody else is around, you just got lucky because someone else made a mistake.
  17. Try out Linux Mint. It doesn't take much time to install any Linux distro (as far as I know) so if you don't like it you can try something else.
  18. I would recommend Python. The language forces you to format your code properly. You can learn the basics of it at codecademy.com
  19. You could also use elif (else if) statements to shorten it. Just so you know, you don't need parentheses in python around your if statement conditionals. check = input("Put in the letter: ")word = "word" if check == word[0]: print(check)elif check == word[1]: print(check)elif check == word[2]: print(check)elif check == word[3]: print(check)else: print("_") That code is a bit better, but you could go one step further and use boolean operators (and, or, not) to make it even more concise check = input("Put in the letter: ")word = "word" if check == word[0] or check == word[1] or check == word[2] or check == word[3]: print(check)else: print("_")
  20. It will (supposedly) be able to work with other laptops. It's up to the manufacturer of said laptop to implement it tho.
  21. I would get a different power supply, and I would get an R9 380 over a GTX 960
  22. In reference to my 27" monitor at 720p(I said it looked OK. Not great. Not fantastic. It was acceptable for playing games, although it obviously wasn't the best.) I'm using a 15.6" laptop with a 768p screen right now, and I'm perfectly fine with the resolution. I would like a 1080p screen for sharper text, but for games it's not a problem. Yes, I can tell the difference between 1080p and 720p at the same screen size. I said nothing contrary to that fact. HOWEVER, on a 15" screen, one can play games at 720p and have an enjoyable gaming experience (or I can, at least). In my laptop, I have a GPU with GDDR3 memory. It straight up doesn't work at 1080p. There's tons of stuttering and it just sucks. My friend had a GPU with a similar Kepler core paired with GDDR5 memory and it was WAY BETTER in games. Also, in my honest opinion, a 20% performance difference is a lot. There's no need to tell me that I have no idea what I'm talking about, and attack me for something that I straight up didn't say. I'm just trying to help the OP in making a wise purchase. I apologize if I was ambiguous in what I said in my first post in this thread.
  23. Depends upon the size of the display. On a laptop, don't worry about it. I have a 1080p 27 inch display that I ran off of my laptop (it ran games at 720p) and it looked OK. On a laptop 720p is fine for games. Also, the X60M GPU is WAY faster than the X50M GPU on Nvidia's lineup, because the X60M and above have GDDR5 while most X50M chips have GDDR3. GDDR3 sucks, it slows down gaming significantly, and I would never recomend it if you can get away with it.
  24. I would use Ubuntu or an ubuntu variant. Lubuntu is an extremely lightweight version of Ubuntu that runs on basically any PC from the last 20 years. Linux Mint is a great choice because it has a more traditional desktop experience similar to windows. Try them out with your mom on a bootable usb drive, and see what she likes.