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    zeibis reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Dell PowerEdge 2900 Upgrades   
    This is propertiery server, so it doesn't user normal motherboards.
    Id put a hypervisor on the hardware, then you can learn about vms and easily change oses. Look at something like proxmox or esxi. I think this is too old to run hyper-v
    Just saying, if you plan to leave this running for an extended period of time, these are very power hungry systems, so if yousing using it for an extended period of time, id probably get something a bit newer and more power efficient, and id would pay for its self in the power savings alone.
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    zeibis reacted to elfensky in HaveIBeenPwned looks to get Owned - Tory Hunt to sell off HIBP due to increasing burnout   
    HaveIBeenPwned looks to get Owned.
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    zeibis reacted to rcmaehl in Thunderbolts and Lighting, Very Very Frightening - Asrock Announces X570 motherboard with Thunderbolt 3   
    Asrock has released the first AMD motherboard to feature a 40Gbps Thunberbolt 3 port

    My Thoughts:

    Oh my lord, I am not ready for this. I was heavily considering upgrading from my 1800X for a third gen Ryzen chip but now with thunderbolt ALREADY coming out on X570 boards... I think I'll have a nice hole in my pocket after the upcoming tax season. I honestly can not wait for Thunderbolt 3 to hit AMD powered laptops, especially if Mobile Ryzen 3 is even half as good as it's desktop counterparts.
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    zeibis reacted to LinusTech in INTEL SECRET 32 CORE LGA3647 ON EBAY? NOT JUST 28C?!   
    Sold. Let's find out what the heck this is.

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    zeibis reacted to Stefan Payne in Ryzen 3000 „Valhalla“   
    No, its more or less the same thing as Core 2 Duo <-> Core 2 Quad.
    The Memory Controller is external, though in this case its on the CPU Package and not a different one and the CPUs are connected via an Interface with the Chipset. 
    Granted, the Core 2 was a stupid example as the FSB is shared between the two, so an AMD 760MP(X) would be a better example, but its the closest and most modern we have...
    IO - CPU
    IO -> CPU
    Something like that.
    Gotta love ASCII Art 😉
    You have to think backwards.
    With AMD K8 the Memory Controller went into the CPU.
    With Zen2 the Memory Controller was thrown out of the CPU.

    So we're basically at the same situation as before K8 and Core i.
    The I/O Die is what was once the Nothrbridge.
    The CPU die is what was the CPU then
    The "Chipset" is what was the Southbridge.
    So its somehting like this:
    Just that the CPUs are probably also connected with each other.
    Just look at that. And think that one AMD Athlon MP Processor is a Chiplet. The 266MHz FSB is the Infinity Fabric
    The AMD-762 Notrhbridge is the I/O Die.
    And PCI is PCIe.
    And you basically have a rough idea of what's going on inside the Chip.
    And that Analogy also works:
    All that's on the CPU Card got integrated into an AM4 Chip (minus the Voltage Regulators and Capacitors).

    Its Chipset, 1 or 2 CPU Dies.
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    zeibis reacted to leadeater in Server 2012 R2 on i9 9900K   
    Can you buy off say Amazon and pay the shipping? Something like an HPE Proliant MicroServer or ML110 will fit your needs.
    Use a more resilient configuration of 2x 120GB or 2x 240GB SSD for the OS and 2x 2TB HDD for data.
    Don't run the AD role on the same OS as the file server, installing the AD role changes how Windows Server functions and turn on extra network level encryption/signing which has a rather larger performance impact. Security wise you wouldn't serve file share out of an AD OS either.
    Install something like ESXi, create two VMs (a single Windows Server Standard license allows 2 virtual OS instances), one for the AD server and the other for the file server.
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    zeibis got a reaction from BloodKnight7 in Hyper V backup solutions   
    As I got replication to work, I am looking for an overnight incremental backup solution. veeam is a very good option and I will try nakivo.
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    zeibis reacted to N1tro199 in Hyper V backup solutions   
    We use Shadow-Protect to backup around 12 VM's and 4 physical servers.
    It does à full backup and first and then perpetual incrementals. We were using BackupExec which was crap. We couldn't get 1 week of backups without errors. 
    Since we moved to shadow protect, we haven't had issues. It is so nice to have the email confirmation that your backups were done correctly!
    The restoration and mounting of a backup image is also well done. Not the prettiest UI but simple enough.
    Setting the schedule is also pretty easy. It uses VSS so it's also pretty fast.
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    zeibis reacted to MaximusX in Kotor 2 Update   
    Wow this is cool
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    zeibis reacted to AlwaysFSX in EVGA sent me the wrong I/O shield   
    Are you sure it's not just upside down?
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    zeibis reacted to tp95112 in Where to learn HTML/CSS? (Noob friendly please)   
    I used w3 for school. Really easy to learn html http://www.w3schools.com/
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    zeibis reacted to kevink817 in Windows 8 Memory Leak - Killer E2200 NIC   
    I actually ran into this memory leak issue a while back when I first built my current computer and installed Windows 8.1. After getting everything up and running, I couldn't figure out what was consuming 16GB of RAM. A reboot would fix it, but it kept re-occurring every other day or so. Finally I got to the bottom of it, and it turned out to be a compatibility issue with the Killer E2200 NIC and the Windows Network Data Usage Monitoring driver (NDU).  Well I just recently reloaded the OS with a brand new clean install, and the issue re-occurred. I didn't think about sharing my findings back then, but because i just went through it again, I thought I might give people a heads up in case they are having similar issues. Here it is in a Knowledge Base type format:
    Applies To:
    Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Computers with motherboards featuring the Killer E2200 NIC  
    Computers running Windows 8 with the Killer Ethernet E2200 NIC may experience poor performance due to high memory utilization. Heavy network usage such as downloading large files, or streaming media can accelerate the issue, causing games, applications, and the operating system itself to perform poorly. After a reboot, the system operates normally until the issue re-occurs.
    The Windows Network Data Usage Monitoring Driver is a kernel mode driver that was introduced with Windows 8. This driver is apparently incompatible with some specific NIC drivers including the Killer E2200 NIC, as well as some Realtek NICs. Heavy data usage causes this driver to consume available system non-paged memory until there is no more available.
    Disable the Windows Network Data Usage Monitoring Driver (NDU) by performing the following steps:
    Open the registry editor by right-clicking on the Windows Start Button, select Run, and type regedit. Click OK. Warning, per Microsoft: Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious, system-wide problems that may require you to re-install Windows to correct them. Microsoft cannot guarantee that any problems resulting from the use of Registry Editor can be solved. Use this tool at your own risk. In the left-hand pane, expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > ControlSet001 > Services and select Ndu. In the right-hand pane, double-click on the "Start" key and change the value to 4. Close the registry editor and reboot your computer.   
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    zeibis reacted to Stadiz in Serious Question. What's the best version of GTA 5?   
    F**K dis.
    Witcher 3 is wayyyy better m8

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    zeibis reacted to Faceman in Corsair H110i GT can't handle 4790k @ 1.28v?   
    The reason P95 isn't recommended for Haswell/DC is because so many people forget to switch their voltage to manual.  Just because you set it manually in the BIOS, doesn't mean it is set to manual.  You have to go into the BIOS and there is a drop down menu which allows you to choose adaptive, manual, or offset.  Set it to manual 1.280.
    I have an i5-4670k and Seidon 240M.  A weaker chip, but also weaker AIO.  When doing P95 at 1.275v/4.7Ghz, I maxed out temperature at 76C.  A 4790k is a hotter chip, but you also have a much stronger AIO.  You should be in the mid 80s if you are using manual voltage would be my guess.
    Just make sure you use manual voltage, or don't use P95 to stress test.  No matter what program you use to stress test, you should still use manual voltage.
    Cinebench, Aida64, XTU, Linpack, OCCT, there are a lot of programs out there.  P95 is definitely the most strenuous.
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    zeibis reacted to danforz in Corsair H110i GT can't handle 4790k @ 1.28v?   
    Here is a response I got from Overclock.net:
    "That's normal for Prime95 on these Haswell CPUs. The Haswell overclocking experts strongly recommend avoiding Prime95 at all costs when overclocked because many people have actually destroyed their CPU due to overheating. I don't know what the name of the recommended test is that should be used instead, but I remember that it has "H.264" in the name. You can ask Cyro999; she knows."
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    zeibis reacted to Boink in Experiences with non-techies   
    I usually only give 3: the best ones I can find/make at the bottom, middle, and top of their price range. Then I just give the layman's pros and cons of each like "this one had a faster processor" or "This one has a better screen" 
    Then I give my opinion on the one that gives them the most for their money and which one is the best overall for their needs. 9 times out of 10 the customer ends up satisfied and the last one usually only needs a little help with familiarizing themselves with the change, which I am happy to hep them with.
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    zeibis reacted to Dabombinable in MSI's new GTX 970 has popped up on PCCG and it looks... Cheap.   
    Lol, it doesn't look that much more expensive than my Gigabyte GTX 650ti OC rev 2's cooler. (And its overkill, 150MHz OC and it stays under 60oC while being silent. It is a well designed cooler though, unlike MSI's new one).
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    zeibis reacted to dragoon20005 in Intel i7 vs Xeon vs i5   
    you dont need a sound card
    you dont need a LAN Card
    you only need the CoolerMaster 212 Evo
    and pick a better PSU tier from EVGA like G2 series
    i7 if you are sticking to Z97
    otherwise Xeon and H97 if you dont OC and you only use one GPU
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    zeibis reacted to blu4 in (Another) GTA 5 Performance option   
    You're funny. I like you.
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    zeibis got a reaction from abu abdalah in [RESOLVED] I tried to build RAID0 in my new Mobo but it is not accept the drive.   
    From http://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/X99DELUXE/specifications/
    "*3: Due to chipset behavior, The SATA6G_78, SATA6G_910 ports (black) do not support IRST including RAID configuration."
    So try a different ports
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    zeibis reacted to zappian in HYPERTHREADING VS REAL CORES   
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    zeibis got a reaction from ContraHacker in Boot time issue   
    SSD would be the best solution, second best would be to reinstall OS
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    zeibis reacted to Glenwing in DOUBT WITH PSU EFFICIENCY   
    750W is the output rating. 80 PLUS Gold is approaching ~90% efficient depending on the load.
    It means it can deliver 750W to your components, at max load it will draw more than 750W from the wall because it doesn't convert AC with 100% efficiency. So you'd get 750W of power, consuming about ~833W from the wall with 90% efficiency (750/0.9)
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    zeibis reacted to MetEishYa in EVGA teases new 1600 T2 PSU based off Superflower Leadex 80+ Titanium unit   
    Efficiency Charts are:

    You right that max is at 50%. Yeah the extra 3-4% on average efficiency isn't worth going for a 1000W psu over a 750W if you only gona draw 500W.
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    zeibis reacted to Lord Pantaloons in Can't notice a difference between 60hz and 144hz (lightboost off)   
    If you can't see it you can't see it, honestly you should have gotten some hands on time with a 144Hz monitor before committing to one. Some people can see it(I can) some people can't though I believe that people can become sensitive to the refresh rates over time so it's possible that after becoming accustomed to using 144Hz for awhile that you will notice a difference if you drop back to 120hz or 60hz. Out of curiosity how long have you had it?