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  1. Thx! It's one of those cheap ones from ebay
  2. Really like the alignment of all of the parts Not a big fan of the case but i do like the engineering of it How is warranty with them when you replace components? Had a Dell laptop once, best laptop i have owned and the best customer service i have ever experienced
  3. Got a few nice pics from Computex and some that Asus took. Thought i would share them with you aswell. NordicHardware also made a nice video of it. It's in Swedish so it might not be for all of you Thx to Richard for the photos at Computex! Video: That's all for now
  4. Thx! I am pretty happy with it
  5. Thx for all the comments guys! Modding the house now so no computers for a while
  6. Thx for all the comments guys! Been very busy and haven't had time to comment. Back with another update! Deadline got shortened a bit so i didn't have time to do any updates, but on the upside i can finish the build log now. After trying a quick assembly i realized that the suspension and tires were too soft. I filled the "hollow" tires with some stiff foam and upgraded the springs with some "heavy" duty ones i found in the shops. Now it sits straight and no flat tires. Made a bracket for the PSU, a bit rough looking but cleaning all bits at once when i know everything fits. Time to make the PSU shroud/Radiator holder Milled some slots and some grooves for easier bending A bit of bending Turned out pretty good Next up is to drill holes and tap the sides of the aluminum frame. Decided to make a template of lexan so i could drill all holes quickly and get them perfectly in the middle. After a lot of cleaning it was time to powder coat all the aluminum. Just love the black texture on the parts. Cabin painted (sorry for the crappy photo) Let the assembly begin! Sanded the acrylic with 1200grit paper. Didn't want it completely see through and i didn't wanna see the scratches, turned out ok Tail lights installed IO panel test fit Forgot to take pictures on painting the gpu but here it is in all its glory (titan black) I found three M3 holes on the back of the GPU, so it was easy to make a bracket for it so it hovers over the motherboard. Sneaky gf Not much left now Everything fits nicely, Only one dvi port that's not really usable. I only ever use one monitor so not really an issue. I didn't wanna raise the whole structure just for the dvi port. Lights working Running nice and cool Had to take it outside If you happen to be at Computex be sure to check it out over at Asus! Thx for looking!
  7. Evrything will still be connected and working If i wanna control it I need to buy a servo for steering and a remote.
  8. Back with another update, Hardware for the mod: - X99 Sabranco motherboard - Intel I7 5960X - Titan black - 8 x 8Gb DDR4 2400Mhz Dominator Platinum Ram - H80i GT watercooler - Neutron GTX 240GB SSD - SP120 PWM Quiet fans - RM 650 PSU -Corsair sleeved cable kit First some hardware pics (Sorry for the bad photos, have great camera but not very good at using it) Think most of the pics speak for themselves but i have to say i really like the corsair water cooler. Last but not least, def my favorite ram! (It just arrived so that's why its not in the first picture) On to some modding! Assembled all the pieces i milled and did a quick test to see if even the motherboard would fit Motherboard plate The mill was too small so had to mill it and turn it around and mill again. Someone did a great job gluing this together, decided it was safer to cut it rather than trying to pry it apart Made som support bars for the underside of the truck bed, just for show All assembled A quick test fit After the quick test fit i wasn't very happy. The overhang was just too much and it did not look like it was meant to be there. So i decided to make some small changes. Stripping everything off. Decided to cut the frame and extend it with 50mm. Milled some brackets that mounts flush with the frame Much better Everything is still very rough but want to be sure everything is right before i start cleaning up all the parts. Next update in a few days!
  9. Thx! You should! They are fairly easy to build, or you can get a cheap china one and learn on it and later make your own. Cheers buddy! Start saving and one day you will
  10. Hey everyone, I'm back with a new build. I'm making a companion for the Sabranco humvee. It will be a fast build as it needs to be finished by 22nd of May. As soon as it is done it will be joining the Humvee at Computex 2015. As parts arrive i will let you know what the specs will be. But i want to give a huge thank you to Corsair Johan and the people over at Asus (won't name you but you know who you are ) for believing in this project. I got myself a GoPro camera and will be doing a complete time lapse video of the entire build. I hope to add every bit separately as the build moves forward The concept. A very rough render of what it will look like. Have made some small changes but nothing too big. The Truck at Asus HQ First step to drill some holes in the 6mm aluminum sheet so i can fasten it on the bed of the mill. Wish i had made my mill a bit bigger. Sheet fastened Ready to roll Turned out pretty could, some tiny marks on the alu but will be easy to sand away Over to the acrylic Next update in a couple of days, Alex
  11. Glad you liked the humvee Nice build so far! Any updates?
  12. lol, not a military expert myself but that would have been a better name for the project log I can try, some commnets are hard to reply to but i do try my best lol hadn't noticed that Thx man! lol, might be wrecked before the lan party Thx!
  13. Thx! Thx! Have had it for a while already Thx! Thx! thx! lol Yes, but a few electronics missing WIll add it when it gets bak from CES Thats the one! Thx! A video from CES about my mod and Darthbevis mod, check it out if you are interested!